: Almost time to burn the 1995 to the ground

08-13-10, 07:19 PM
ok i have been havinbg issues with my car as of late. transmission slipping 1-2 gear and not going in to 4th overdrive. burnt trans fluid ect

well today im going back to work and the "check engine" light comes on. i pull over and check the codes and i get a 00- 22

22: Shorted throttle position sensor circuit fault
22: Throttle position sensor TPS circuit (signal voltage low)

anyway i had another tps sensor. as im driving home, the car is running perfect. no slipping at all, smooth hitting all the gears. maybe 5 minutes of driving, i drive over an overpass and slow down for the light ahead. the light turns green and as i hit the gas, it goes right back to the slipping...

any ideas before i pour gas on it and make 1995 fleetwoods a little rarer

08-13-10, 07:26 PM
How badly burnt (excuse the pun) is the transmission fluid? Have you ever serviced it before?

08-13-10, 08:00 PM
the car has really low miles, but it sat up untouched for four years, i bought it over a year ago with 16,495 miles. shortly after getting it i drain the transmission and put a new filter in just so i knew it was fresh and new. the old filter and fluid was good. i now have 26,600 miles on it. i changed the 1-2 and 3-4 solenoids in the transmission as i thought that could be the problem. it helped a little. that was a few months ago. the fluid was burnt and they had some black sooty trails in the pan. i just put everything back together b/c its my only transportation and i dont have the $1000-$1,300 to rebuild it. i put fresh fluid back in and checked it the next day it had a burnt smell.

i dont understand why after i changed the tps sensor it ran like nothing was wrong for a short time

08-13-10, 08:08 PM
Where are you located? If close, I'll take the car off your hands.
Is the car in rough condition? This cant be the only reason you want to get rid of a 16yr old car with 26K.

08-13-10, 08:15 PM
I'm thinking New Orleans, Louisiana. Check his name...

08-14-10, 10:14 AM
Spark it up then........


or buy another trans....man it must be so frustrating the parts are easy but your not confident with the spanner work....?

here we are keen on the work but the shipping on parts is a killer..

08-14-10, 10:59 AM
I paid a little over $1000 for a trans rebuild in Chicago -- even if it's more, fix it. That sensor can't cost much. And then sell it -- unless there's something you're not telling us, or thing is trashed or was caught up in Katrina, you'll get a lot for it.

08-14-10, 12:11 PM
the sensor cost $12, whats pissing me off now is that i changed it yesterday. i took the car for a long drive. now 1-2 shifts perfect now slipping. 2-3 at around 30-35mph will start slipping untill you let of the gas then it has a harsh shift into 3rd...not as bad to drive now.

there car is in great shape, i live in metairie, La basically it is New Orleans. never flooded but under a carfax report it list to have an inspector check the car before purchasing as it was in a disaster/flood area. the goverment listed a huge area flooded or not as a disaster area. so every older car that was registered in the area will have that on carfax reports.

i tried selling it back when i first got it, when it gave me no problems trans wise. listed it with 20K miles for $7500. everybody and they grandma wanted it but no one had the cash

as for the condition. the drivers seat has that small hole in the side from the power back seat switch, common problem, the dash pad had a few cracks in it so i fiberglassed it and painted it to match the car. previous owner smashed the bumperette and broke the 2 front gray moldings. the drivers side 1/4 panel had a small crease in it. i just recently fixed the 1/4 and put the new upper chrome spear on. and previos to me getting the car someone stole all the emblems off of it. not cheap to replace either so i replaced the hood emblem with a junkyard one and when we painted the 1/4 we just eliminated the upper 1/4 molding. for the trunk emblem. my cost is $95 and $6 for 2 rivets

get some pics in a second

08-14-10, 12:16 PM
The trans on B-Body is the weak point -- my '93 Roadmaster's failed and one of my current wagons (the '95) was out when I bought it.

I'd get it rebuilt -- if you want to sell it, I'm sure there will be takers...

08-14-10, 12:27 PM
beat most of the crease out, most of that filler to fill any low spots ended up as powder on the ground, just so you know its not a bondo bucket

just so its fresh im going to repaint the whole car as theres a few scratches that polishing cant get out, nothing major. and im taking the key locks off the front doors as more of a theft deterant. so it will be nice and glassy when im done

this is the crease it had


this milage was taken back in april i think

painted dash, towels on armrest to keep body oil and stuff off.

pretty nice interior, the whole roof, back deck, doors and trunk is covered in dynamat for rattle for the stereo i never put in yet



i keep the engine clean too year round


08-14-10, 12:29 PM

this is when i got it. car sat for 4 years after he passed. was garaged up until he passed, family pushed it outside and left it

i just want it to ride nice again like when i first got it. im saving to get the trans done but. working on commission and people not wanting to fix there cars if they can drive them cause they need the money in this messed up economy is hurting us

08-14-10, 12:37 PM
I bet I know who will take that off your hands.... SSStealth.

08-14-10, 12:41 PM
to get the price i want for it i have to fix it. and once its fixed i may not wanna sell it. like i said i just want it to ride nice again

08-14-10, 12:58 PM
If there is any chance you'd want it, I'd keep it and fix it as you have funds. You'll never find another one w/that low of miles for what you'd have to put in that to fix it up.

08-14-10, 01:23 PM
well if you're just ganna burn it up anyways...why not give it away to someone who will love it? :P

seriously, though...just get it fixed. if you can't do it yourself, take it to someone who can fix it if/when you can afford

08-14-10, 01:26 PM
Now I know your not for real about trashing it. That is a nice car.

08-14-10, 01:44 PM
no im not gonna trash it but like i said i just want it to drive nice again. i talked to lkq and they have used transmissions but they want $450 and the transmission has 100K+ miles. if i do that route, i may be pulling it shortly after and be in the same situation im in now

the shop we deal with said hell work with me once he gets the transmission open and can see whats wrong. he said between $1,050-$1,300 if i pull it out and reinstall it. $1,300-$1,600 if he has to pull it and install it...i called a few other shops and they all said between $1,000-$1,500

id like to do some more stuff to the car like replace the other 3 spears as the chrome plated plastic wrinkles' common problem just you can only buy 3 out 4. think its the passenger front thats discontinued. the chrome weatherstrip on the doors is in good shape but the gray painted part is deteriorating and the rubber around the windows on the chrome moldings is dried up but all thats discontinued...but saving for this trans is hampering all of that

08-14-10, 07:23 PM
you should see if a repair shop will let you make payments, so you can get it done and not be strapped for cash.

08-14-10, 10:10 PM
Kennedy transmission let me do payments on a 200R4 rebuild. Took me like 8 months. I put an ad on Craigslist about needing to make payments and they called me.

08-15-10, 12:40 AM
tried it, all places i talked to said they would work with me to get the cheapest pice but no payment plans...and after obama gave banks all them tax dollars to bail them out, them stingy bitches wont give a loan out to anyone