: Horrible hard rear suspension in 03. Shocks lock in place, happens seldom.

08-13-10, 04:54 PM
It happened a few times in sub freezing temperatures, today it was over 100 degrees in Dallas and condition has me baffled because it usually resolves after driving a few miles.

At first one only notices the rear end feels kind of bouncy (harsh bouncy, no porpoising) and then violent going over bumps or pot holes... this is the air on the tires flexing the tire. I drove a half mile and noticed something was wrong... checked Tire Pressure System readings and all were above 30 psi... as soon as I could pull over I did... and car looked normal. I tried leaning on the rear corners and they would not budge! Front was nice and cushy. I then drove a couple more miles and the symptoms were gone. After parking in the shade, tried dipping the rear again, and it dipped just fine. Problem gone. What gives? :cookoo:

Where do I begin to diagnose it? Another time I loaded up the car with a few passengers and noticed the self-leveling was not taking place.... disconcerting...

Any suggestions and fixes and observations are appreciated! I wanted to post in the suspension forum but thought it wouldn't get visibility there.