: New members sayin' howdy

08-12-10, 02:04 AM
I just found this forum about a week ago and have been reading everything I can about the Cadillac 472/500 engine. I know Chevys and Fords but the last Cad engine I worked on was my Dad's '47 flathead.....A LONG time ago.

I was searching for quite a while for a Buick 401/425 Nailhead for a future project but no luck so I started reading about the big Cad engines...glad I did. I found a couple of "supposed to be" 500 Cad's but they turned out to be '68 472's so I kept looking.

By chance I looked on our local News website that also has a free classified section. There it was, a '75 500 engine and T-400 sitting in a storage shed, 40,000 orig. miles (I knew that was prob. B.S.)....$350 or best offer. When I looked at it I could see red silicone sealer on the wtr. pump and pan gasket and made mention of that. The lady said ...well yes it was rebuilt about 10 years ago but it only has 40,000 miles on it. Anyway I ended up offering her $250 and she grabbed it.

Not knowing what had been done to it I pulled all the accessories (which will be for sale) and removed the heads, it's .030 over and you can still see the cross hatch very clearly in the cylinders. Absolutely NO ridge and the pistons look like new. I pulled one rod cap and the bearings and crank are perfect, the water pump is shot as is the timing gear plate but I think I scored pretty good on this one. Anyway enough for now, looking forward to continue reading about some mild hi perf. builds...Dave

08-15-10, 10:42 PM
Hi Dave & welcome.

Any particular car in mind for your 500 or you just like to tinker on engines?

08-17-10, 03:34 AM
Thanks for the welcome...actually I plan on putting it in a '32 roadster pick up....some day. I'm going to have to install a chevy 4X4 tail shaft and housing on the T400. Can't believe how long that thing is.