: Intermittent engine problems with 1.9D - yellow engine light on

08-11-10, 07:26 AM
:ill:Anyone else experienced misfiring/no revs/starting then cutting out? My 06 BLS 1.9D has started to act up every once in a while and I can't find anyone prepared to look at it. I'm in North east so nearest dealer I know of is Bauer Millet 150 miles away and SAAB up here have been helpful but can't help, if you know what I mean ("We don't have equipment to do Cadillacs"). I have a great mechanic guy (taxi/diesel specialist) who can retrieve codes from diagnostic but even though he's worked on same engine in Vauxhalls, Saabs, etc hundreds of times he can't do more due to lack of available info. Suggestions anyone?

08-11-10, 08:01 AM
Ah ha, im in the North East too and have had similar problems with garages, codes etc. Are you able to tell me what the codes were that got read by your mechanic? I do know that the problems you describe could be down to the EGR valve becoming blocked, does the car stall? This could mean the solenoid on the EGR is stuck open. Its really easy to remove the valve and clean it up, you will need a torque wrench and a bottle of carb cleaner though. Instructions and walk through can be found here:




You could also try asking Evans Halshaw Vauxhall in Gateshead as they used to be a Cadillac Dealership and looking at my logbook serviced my car @29,000 miles. It may be that they still have the cadillac TECH2 system for fault finding still installed on their diag kit.

Let me know how you get on.

08-16-10, 11:14 AM
Arrghh! Just read your post and would have given this a go if I'd looked sooner. Got it back now from Western SAAB who had a look, found they can do Cadillacs and took me for just over a grand; they replaced EGR valve, inlet manifold, swirl actuator etc. After Googling part names it seems loads of others with same Fiat/GM 1.9TiD have had exact same issues and even found SAAB have been doing parts and labour for free for their cars.
Good post bigcul1, I downloaded the 'HowTo' so its handy for when this one packs up in 12 1/2 months time...

The taxi mechanic had previously found codes "Po204 - injector circuit cyl 4" & "Po022 - 'A' camshaft position timing over retarded (bank 2)" which he said was a common fault with inj wiring connection on 1.9D and required a wiring modification (dealer fix kit GM93189918, 13). 1 week and 75 later same problems continued.

Western SAAB tech report quoted "EDC16 P227905 - found inlet manifold rod disconnected, swirl actuator & EGR seized. "
Mind, they were very helpful and pleasant to deal with and car came back really shiny!

08-16-10, 01:20 PM
1k+ jezus ! thats not good !

08-16-10, 03:48 PM
All the more reason for forums like this to help collect all our experiences and learning, and hopefully stop us from having to fall at the mercy of main dealers and throw money at a problem which we might be able to fix (or prevent) ourselves.

That has got to sting, but as my old man used to say to me "that is just the joys of motoring son."

08-17-10, 03:38 AM
Yeah, just to add - when the SAAB dealer put car reg into their computer it had all history and flagged up that it was due air con service (99+vat) and brake fluid replacement (49+vat) but I politely declined their offer. Despite ridiculous cost, I would however recommend Western SAAB for their excellent service and would use them again, if only as a last resort, but hopefully won't have to.
Car is going great by the way, impressive performance resumed; hadn't realised just how much it was suffering. Fun to floor again.