: Help!!!! STS-V Corsa exhaust install

08-10-10, 07:02 PM
Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is anyone out there that can help. I just ordered the corsa exhuast (part# 14157) but need to know how to install or what needs to be cut or welded. I just would like to have some kind of idea on the install before I take the muffler and pipes to my local muffler shop. I would appreciate any information. Thanks!!

08-10-10, 09:17 PM
You will need to cut the factory pipes near the bend and either weld the pipes or clamp them at that point. You will need to measure where to cut them. It is not too difficult. The ahngers will also need to be modified a bit.

fast impala
08-11-10, 01:54 PM
My muffler guy cut the factory pipes near where they go straight forward, and then fabbed two short pieces of stainless back to the Corsas mufflers. Looks factory, and didn't have too much massaging with the hangers.

A good muffler guy should have no problems with it. HTH