: hey guys..newbie with some questions!

09-07-04, 09:44 PM
Hi im from New York. this is my first post. I have a few questions.

i was wondering what exhaust can be done to the cadillac eldorado ETC....i see a lot of people put 2.5inch exhaust to dynomax super turbo mufflers. and a 2.5inch y -pipe??? i hope this doesnt sound ricey??? i wish corsa would make an exhaust for the eldorado.i went to the site and it sounds awesome!!!!

my next question is...if i were to get a hi-flow cat welded to the stock pipe , would this throw a code ???? if it does..are there anything i could do to make this code not appear??? i think the hi flow cat would add some good HP right?

also...i saw the intake write-up , my boyfriend said he will help me do this easy mod.

also what spark plugs are good to go with? should i just stay stock , and the same with the wires..or do any of you guys get any better results from going colder or hotter???i dunno

my last question is, can the stock manifolds on the 4.6 motor be ported???b.c if they can my boyfriend said he can do this with his porting tool and clean them up nice...im sure this would add a few horses.

thanks for anyones feedback in advance...it will help a lot.

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09-07-04, 09:59 PM
Corsa does make an exhaust... And there's enough muffler options, you can find the tones you like. Ravin mufflers out of Midas did it for me.

Dunno on the cat, though a high flow cat SHOULDN't, not necessarily wont, but Shouldn't throw codes.

Stock plugs are just fine, MSD ignition might if you're running nitrous or forced induction, but until then, dont bother.

Stock manifold, or stock heads? Manifold is a plastic, I wouldn't cut into that at all. Stock heads, some work can be done, but not an easy job. Plus then putting it all back together, and the time serts... Rough overall.

09-07-04, 10:39 PM
oh b.c i called up corsa and they told me they don t make any exhaust setups for the cadillac eldorados. so i was pretty bummed out about that.
so this ravin exhaust...these are just ravin mufflers??? i would still make the entire exhaust 2.5inch piping ??
which is better? dynomax or the ravin you think?

im sorry i meant exhaust manifolds. can they be ported? since there are no headers available for this car???

my boyfriend has a 3.8 supercharged buick regal GS, and when he went to a hi flow cat, it threw a SES light, so he had to get this plug that attaches to the 02 sensor, and kinda tricks his computer, so the code doesnt appear in his car. so i was wondering if theres anything like that?

yea my bf said leave the heads alone b.c just the valves alone would be like 300 bucks, and it would be too costly for the gains. oppossed to the work.

thanx for replying mr moderator. hehe


09-09-04, 11:15 AM
so know one can help with my questions?

09-09-04, 01:05 PM
Be patient girl :P Some of us do other things too. Hehehe. Yoou'd have to do custom piping all the way through, but as for the exhaust, it's a single 2 1/2 all through anyways. Or 3 inches through to the Y? I forget. As for better, Ravin vs Dynomax. Shrug, comes down to sound preference. Ravin is deeper than Flowmaster, not as tinny. I dont know Dynomax well.

As for exhaust manifolds, not much to be done there either. It's still a pretty limited market on the performance end. I had to cheat and use nitrous to get the gains I wanted.

09-09-04, 04:56 PM
awwwww...i was getting so excited about possibly getting ported exhaust manifolds..darn!!

yes!!! i was reading the write-ups for exhaust, and it seems everyone gets rid of the resonator, and replaces both the piping and the Y pipe with 2.5inches all way down.

but if i get a hi-flow catalytic converter welded to the 2.5inch pipe in place of my stock cat..do you know if this would make me get an engine code!!! b.c if it does then i cant do it which kinda sucks also i guess.

omg i cant wait to get my exhaust im so excited. hehe


09-09-04, 05:38 PM
I have a high flow cat and corsa exhaust system all the way back on my STS and it doesn't throw any codes at all.. I used a (i think) magnaflow stainess high flow cat, about $99 for 2.5". Next exhaust mod is to replace the pipe coming from the manifolds (front y-pipe) because it's really bad for the flow because the left bank exhaust almost comes in at a 90 degree angle to the right bank to make the 'Y' to go into the single 2.5 piping ......so i'm wondering how much different it will sound then.. after that i'm going to get a set of custom headers made, and then do headwork, cams, and probably a different intake manifold from chrfab and quite a long list of 'other' things..

So the summary is, I put a high flow cat and it didn't throw any codes, although it makes the exhaust stink a little more i believe and it sure as hell made it louder.

09-09-04, 08:47 PM
Hey Foo, what kind of gains did you get from that exhaust? Are the headers worth it for a little extra power for that kind of money? Custom built headers are NOT cheap!!!

09-12-04, 11:42 PM
wow so a maganflow cat converter? do u know the exact name of it...someone told me it has to be obd11 kind of CAT for it to be good or something.

and this Y pipe in the front...where do i get something like this???

i hope this exhaust wont be too loud with my dynomax super turbo mufflers..

thanks so much for replying. :thumbsup:

09-13-04, 01:27 AM
errr I haven't done the headers or anything yet :) read my post again hehe
Quotes for headers are around $1200
The CAT was just a magnaflow stainless steel 2.5" inlet and outlet nothing special about it. It WILL make your exhaust louder though.

The Y pipe in front i'm building myself and having other parts of it custom built (because I don't have a mandrel bender in my garage hehe). It will flow way better than the stock one but I have no idea of the gains yet.. I can post back when I'm done.

Your exhaust manifolds can be extruded and cleaned up a little bit which would help flow. Still won't be anywhere as nice as headers though......if a bunch of us get together and get custom headers made it might be cheaper :)

09-13-04, 01:05 PM
hmm ye ai think ill leave the Cat converter alone ..i dont want my exhaust to be that loud.

the custom headers would be awesome WOW!!!
ya afte ru make that Y pipe...post about it...id love to see if u make any gains from them. if you do, ill be your first customer...

hopefully once i get my 2.5piping with dynomax mufflers, i will make some more power.
my KN filter will be in soon, I want to smooth out the inside of the box out with a dremel tool, and I hope to port the TB so i dont hafta pay 400 bucks for that RSM one. etc...
so expensive ugh!!

any other ideas FOO. thanx :D