: Rims for sale!!!!!!

08-07-10, 09:25 PM
i know im not supposed to post here but my computer will not load the classifeids. I have a set of pearl white 18' stern rims staggered set for sale. The wheels can also be changed to another color besides white. I have integerity 255/40/18 on the back and 245/45/18 on the front , integerity is made by goodyear. The have about 7,000 miles on them and in great shape . The rims are in pretty good shape as well with one having very small curb rash from the lady i like to call my other half lol... there is one rim that has very small chips, but not noticeable until ur putting ur tire shine on. However if u choose to fix it just go to the sherman williams automotive and give them the paint code 800uj and thats the matching color. However u can totally change the color to. I paid 700.00 for the tires and 650 for the rims plus the person i had to pay to paint them. I am willing to sell for 600.00 plus shipping. I also may consider any offers so let me know what your will to do. I am on these forums alot but if u would like an answer u can reach me at 972 965 4915 tx or call

08-07-10, 09:40 PM
Way to far for me, Id buy the tires.

08-07-10, 09:47 PM
im gunna pm u

08-09-10, 10:06 PM
Do you have any larger pics for us older guys who can't see? What brand of rims are those?

08-23-10, 11:52 AM
How can you paint thise..for a Black Cadillac