: Cheers to bruce roe!!!

08-06-10, 09:57 PM
I would like to thanks Mr. Bruce ROE!

He took the time to advise me to run some tests in my 78 coupe deville, after figuring out what was the problem, ECU, i sent him the module and for a very reasonable price (to not say CHEAP), he fixed the whole ECU.

I received a new car for a fraction of the price!

Thanks BRUCE!

If you ever come to Brasil, pelase let me know, i will hook you up here!


08-06-10, 10:07 PM
They don't come any better than Bruce Roe... I have thanked him many times myself.... Hey Bruce, are you thinking of vacationing in Brasil ? I would be...

08-06-10, 11:09 PM
OK, you are welcome. This means the car is now running right? Shipping costs on this international affair exceeded the repair. If the car is doing well, putting in the fuel pump relay fix (from my PHOTOBUCKET) might save you from a future ECU problem. Bruce

08-07-10, 09:15 AM
car indeed is running, but have to fix the brakes,
i have discs in the back also and parking brake is locked, one of the whells in the back is almost locked when the car runs, i will start a new topic tlday regarding the brakes, i need to know how to unlock it and disable the parking brakes.

Besides that engine is missing one of the gaskets in the headers, i have the gasket have to take to someone to install it.

but it is amazing, engine turns on when hot, cold, no more hesitating, no more backfires! very nice.

What about this relay for the fuel pump? easy fix?

08-07-10, 10:10 AM
I see many ECUs with failed fuel pump relay or burned out ECU contacts. When old fuel pumps start to draw excess current, this happens. Putting in this relay near the ECU won't save your fuel pumps, but it will prevent burning out your ECU when pumps fail. See the description on PHOTOBUCKET album 70s FUEL INJECTION, 9 & 10th pictures. SAVE YOUR 70S CAD ECU FUEL PUMP POWER PINS.


(that is a lower case "L"71, not an upper case "i"71)

click on an Album
click on a picture to enlarge + description

Bruce Roe

08-07-10, 10:30 AM
i will do that also, but first need to release my parking brake, have no idea how!!!

The manual release wont work...