View Full Version : Can't believe C4C was a year ago now.

08-06-10, 07:46 AM
August 2009 was a dark period in the automotive business. Cash For Clunkers started 8/1/09 and ended 8/31/09. I'll never forget how many angry posts were on here, about all the good cars that were getting destroyed, and what for? So someone could get into a new car that they couldn't really afford anyways? I remember being quite angry/dissatisfied as I saw the huge backlots of C4C cars at a lot of dealers in town, and quite a few full sized Cadillacs/Buicks/Lincolns gone to waste. Man, I can't believe it's been a year already....

08-06-10, 08:16 AM
I wonder where we can find statistics on how many people lost those cars from not being able to afford payments, and the full coverage insurance most loans require....

08-06-10, 11:14 AM
Don't get me started - this cost taxpayers PLENTY and was a failure and we lost thousands of plenty good cars, real American assets down the drain in the name of environmentalism which is a hoax. What goes around comes around and it will be our turn soon. :)

Night Wolf
08-06-10, 03:12 PM
Wonder how many people traded in their perfectly working old cars for new Toyota's that unintendedly accelerate.

It's a shame tho, it really is. I still have pictures of the cars on the lots. I spoke to the dealer where I bought my Jeep, they said due to liability of a junkyard swapping engines and putting the vehicle back on the road, they were sent directly from the dealer to the crusher... so all those parts were gone to waste as well.

It was horrible looking at that list of vehicles and seeing so many rare or special cars. A whole bunch of e30's, including an e30M3. which was bull because even a 6cyl gets better gas mileage than what the limit was... yet it still happened.

08-06-10, 04:19 PM
The j-yards here in SoCal are still flooded with C4C cars, an inordinate number of which seem to be ChryCo products. If nothing else, C4C certainly drove up the value of used cars.

08-06-10, 04:38 PM
A month that will live in infamy. :(

08-06-10, 05:32 PM
But on the bright side, I was able to snag a really nice hood ornament off a '99 DeVille that was C4C'd at my biggest client. And I found an '88 300SEL that I was able to get a nice big tri-star from the trunk off of.

08-06-10, 09:24 PM
The j-yards here in SoCal are still flooded with C4C cars, an inordinate number of which seem to be ChryCo products. If nothing else, C4C certainly drove up the value of used cars.

This IMO is the real tragedy of the C4C thing. This really hurts lower income and the working man who can't afford anything over 4-5k. All these good running cars that could've been transporation for somebody just crushed, terrible. Especially the pickup trucks and vans, construction guys are always in need of a cheap supply of these vehicles.

08-06-10, 10:34 PM
The Chairman and his eco-minions don't give a fc*k about the "lower income and the working man" -- other than for their vote....

Night Wolf
08-06-10, 10:42 PM
Not to mention it kept all the real "clunkers"..... on the road. The vehicles driven by people straight up unable to afford (finance) anything near even $12k for a low line new Kia. So the vehicles that probably get some of the worst mileage, that can actually be a hazzard on the road, are still roaming around.... all while hundreds of thousands of otherwise perfectly working (looking, driving etc...) vehicles are destroyed.

08-06-10, 11:08 PM
Yeah, I think 1984 was the cutoff.

08-06-10, 11:24 PM
The regime wants the poor folks on foot or bicycles while they ride in limousines and private jets, including Airforce One and accompanying motorcades - all of which are non hybrid gas guzzlers. Funny how this works, isn't it?! November is coming. :)

08-06-10, 11:38 PM
^^^ I sure hope the Republicans can come up with someone with some kind of a plan .... or we'll just end up with more Obamas dressed in elephant cloths! And we will all continue eating corn meal cake!

08-06-10, 11:51 PM
At this point everyone needs to reposition their thoughts from the current chaos to aiming high and achieving the greatness we all know we're capable of in this great country where we have done it and will do it again. All of us can and should and will, if we wiggle our behinds, be driving fabulous cars in our land of opportunity. Don't accept the crutch of mediocrity and dependence on others or the government. We can do this and the right leader will evolve to help guide us there. :)

08-07-10, 11:07 AM
The whole thing was nothing but a move to pander to the dumb masses who depend on the government to sustain their useless, mooching existences. By "giving" these people new cars that they otherwise could not afford, Obama sets himself up as a benefactor. Come November 2012, Obama's only chance of holding power is going to be the people he kept dependent on government handouts. Well, to be honest, I am SICK of working my butt off so a bunch of lazy, unproductive moochers can have government-provided housing, food, and cars. There was even talk of a "Cash for Dishwashers" program. How far are we going to let Socialism go before we wake up and end it?

Remember, Remember, the Fourth of November.