View Full Version : 05 STS V8 has had a rough idle

Benjamin Simon
08-04-10, 11:29 PM
Alright everyone, I need some help. Please. The Dealer is torturing me.
My 05 STS V8 has had a rough idle for about 10K miles. The Lac only has 65K :banghead:in the gas, in the oil, and via the vacuum. Helped a little, but not much. Per my dealer suggestion, I replaced all 8 of the plugs with AC Delco branded plugs. Now the vibration is more consistent, but just as annoying.:banghead:
Driving up hill, the engine will skip and the RPMs increase about 200 even though I did not adjust the pedal.:banghead: Even my wife said, wow is there something wrong?:banghead::banghead:
The Rough idea is worse the engine is hot. :banghead:The first five mins of the drive, the engine is as smooth as ice. Like it used to…:yup:
The dealer is trying to tell me this is just want a Northstar does… :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
I have no codes, fresh oil, and a new air filter. I tried looking for vacuum leaks on three obvious lines, but I came up short. I sprayed induction cleaner on the lines hoping for a engine rev. :ill:
Should I change the MAF or 02 sensor? I hate replacing things that are not broken, but this is driving me crazy. :cookoo:
The next dealership is 40 miles away. I want to only go there as a last option. :drool::crying:
Suggestions and thoughts please J

08-05-10, 07:05 AM
Something to check. Take off engine cover and check your intake manifold bolts.
Get a 1/4 drive and swivel socket. Dont over tighten.