: Adjustable/Tilting Headrests

08-04-10, 11:03 PM
If you can be in love with your car, I think I am. I have had a few Devilles, my latest being a 1994. I have tried to upgrade to newer, but can't seem to find a model that I am comfortable in basically because of the headrests. I am looking for adjustable/tilting headrests or headrests similar to the later model Deville. It appears that they changes the seats from the bench, the bucket seats come with forward tilting headrest that are uncomfortable for my neck.

I desperately need to upgrade and want to stay with a Cadi. I have found that the STS models headrest are adjustable; however, the seats are not nearly as comfortable.

Any help on car models newer than a 95 than have the 40,20,40 seat and adjustable headrests?