: Cadillac Thermostat

09-07-04, 04:51 PM
Ok so i have had my 97 concours about a year now and she has 99,000 miles on her. I have put on 22,000 since I bought her. Never had a problem whatsoever with the engine. Runs good, etc. But today as I was driving to work I noticed the thermostat raised a whole notch when I was at a red light for no longer than 2 minutes. I heard that north*'s also run hotten than the average engine? I :confused: :banghead: :crybaby: have noticed it has been doing this a lot lately. I have also heard that head gaskets go bad fast on these motors which also scares me! so please someone give me some peace of mind!? I am having to go on a long trip tomorrow and wanted make sure everything is alright before I go.

09-07-04, 06:36 PM
Before worrying about a head gasket, I would check my coolant level. If it is ok, I would drain the coolant system and check the thermostat (the one at the water pump). To clear any confusion, I would call the one in your dash a temp indicator. It is possible your thermostat is sticking. Not a hard job to do and doesn't cost much.

09-07-04, 08:00 PM
Im sure I have plenty of coolant because I just put some in about 5-6 months ago. So that should be straight I just have to double check it tonight. I mean its nothing serious I just cant afford to have any problems with my North*