: Rear Passenger Window Loose Channel

08-04-10, 06:30 PM
Had a rattling sound that kept getting worse and when my son was riding in the back seat he pushed on the area where the air bag is on the rear pillar and the sound seemed to stop. I also had a problem with a "fog" on my windshield. I cleaned it 3 times with different glass cleaners and could not get it clean. (It would look clean until I drove facing into a rising or setting sun and then the fog was quite evident). So off to the dealer I go.

I took the airbag rattle post (another wierd sound - problem solved) with me so that we didn't have to go around in circles with the service department claiming they couldn't find it. http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-srx-second-generation-forum-2010/194040-another-weird-sound-solved.html?pagenumber= Been there and done that on my CTS.

Just got my SRX back and the problem was not the air bag. The rear passenger window channel was loose. Apparently the chrome around that area was loose as well. They tightened it up and all seems to be well. Hopefully it doesn't come loose again. Service adviser told me that this was the 2nd SRX that they have had with the same problem. Both have been on the right side of the vehicle. So if you have a rattle noise from the rear this might be one more thing to check.

They used claybar on the windshield and hope that they got it clean. Will see tonight when the sun begins to set.

12-08-12, 12:37 PM
For the window rattle issue was the chrome that was tightened on the exterior? I have a 2012 SRX that has an annoying window rattle at low speeds or on rough roads coming from the front passenger window, and sometimes rear passenger window. I've been to 2 dealerships with no luck. Any input would be appreciated as I am going mad.