View Full Version : Tranny problems??

08-04-10, 02:06 PM
I have a 07 V8 STS,

Starting with a clean slate, Image, I have just unplugged my battery/fuse for my TCS (effectively the TCS has been reset).

Everything works fine.

After a few days, I start to notice, issues:

when driving at higher speeds, and then slowing down, the tranny *sometimes* shifts down hard. (It seems to coast of a second before dropping down)
cruise control stops working (guessing the TCS detects a problem)
Also...*sometimes*, when I park and turn off the car, the car starts beeping, and the dash display tells me I need to shift the car into park. (the car thinks I have turned off the engine without going into park). The problem is, I am clearly IN park. I can get it to turn off if I shake the gear shift a little.

On one occasion it simply would not turn off no matter what I do, I reset the TCS again, im back to square one..

I have a new tranny filter and plenty of fluid.

I live in a remote area, so getting it to a dealership for warranty is not going to be an easy option. I would like to do my homework before going to the local tranny shop.


08-04-10, 02:19 PM
You have a warranty yet youd rather take it to be diagnosed and repaired at a local tranny shop and you front the bill? Seems a little stupid to me... You have a warranty use it Cadillac gives you a loaner...