: diagnostic tool for my car

07-30-10, 06:02 AM
hello, everyone, i'm new comer here.
those days, i meet some trouble and need somebody give me some suggestion.

I bought a new vw car several months ago; recently it always happen strange voice. i am worried.
so I want to buy a diagnostic tool for my car.
I heard from my friend that Lencoo Electronic Co.,Ltd which is the manufacturer of car electronics own a high reputation about this kind of product.
maybe he bought something from the company ago
i got touch with the company and the technician tell me that super autoboss v30 can solve trouble for me.

I have no idea about it,
in fact, i can not understand the manual clearly
i dare that it will not work on my car.
so I hope you can give me some suggestion.

Buy or not?

Thanks very much