: baby northstar question

08-03-10, 10:47 AM
i know i know its an aurora and not a caddy but was wondering if you guys could help me out! The cam caps are only supposed to get torques to 44 inch pounds plus 40 degrees... that is only 3 ft lbs plus so do you guys use any type of thread locker? that seems awfully lose sorry for the stupid question!

08-03-10, 02:10 PM
No thread locker necessary. Even the 2002 VIN 9 cam bearings are 44 in/lb + 30 degrees. (For your spec, that's 3.5 ft/lb + the 40 degrees on top of that......)

08-05-10, 10:38 AM
Follow the factory specs. The 44 inch-pound torque is just to establish a common starting point for the bolts. Additional torque comes from rotating the bolts the 40 degrees...

08-06-10, 11:37 PM
Do not use thread locker. Those bolts are in aluminum to begin with and they're M6 -> small.