: Anyone use the WX soursce on the NAV? Hows the reception?

08-02-10, 10:45 PM
I have been going out on the boat lately and forgot that the STS NAV has a WX band. It is the same thing as the WX band on a VHF radio.

You can listen to the marine weather forecasts.

Mine comes in pretty staticy a good bit of the time. I am wondering if it is just my area. Maybe there is a way to make it get better reception. Pretty sure it prob uses the same antenna as the radio.

anyone ever used it?

08-02-10, 11:07 PM
Only really herd it when switching sources and yea its a lot of static

08-02-10, 11:24 PM
There is no gain like on a VHF so the stations that there is not a broadcast on will be static. But there should be at least 2 stations (there are only 10) that should broadcast the marine weather.

If it operates like a VHF then it uses light of site to a tower or something.

08-03-10, 12:10 AM
There are two local WX stations located on hilltops and both work great with no static at all. It's a matter of line of sight to the stations from wherever you are located.

08-07-10, 07:15 PM
Some come in better than others for me. The best sound as good as an automated synthetic voice is ever going to sound. Some are rather noisy.

08-08-10, 10:23 AM
Guess its just my area then. Thanks for the help guys