: Serious transmission shifting problems with my 2010 SRX

08-02-10, 01:56 PM

My first 2010 SRX ended up being exchanged couple months ago under California lemon law protection due to the 'dead battery syndrome'. I love the car so much that I opted for an exchange rather than a buyback. Didn't realize I will have deja vu all over again with my 2 month old Performance FWD SRX with barely 2K miles.

Since last week, the transmission has started 'sticking' in low gear! This seems to happen early on during a drive and manifests itself as a sudden shift into one of the lower gears (2 or 3), refusing to change out even at 50mph (6000 rpm!) or 10mph. Once stuck in this gear, the transmission does not respond to 'Sport mode' even though the dash display shows I have shifted down or up. Only way to 'reset' the transmission is to bring the car to a complete halt (0mph, not engine shutoff) when the gears shift down and then seem to resume normal operation. Thank goodness I was not merging onto a freeway when this happened.

Am I unlucky or what :( At this point, having gone through the ordeal with my first brand new SRX, I can reach no other conclusion other than the fact that Cadillac is genuinely shipping low quality vehicles!

I will be calling Cadillac customer service and filing a complaint. Thought I will post this in case anyone else has run into an issue like this (no service bulletins as yet) or might run into it in the near future.

PS: I was told that the 'dead battery syndrome' has been diagnosed and hopefully fixed for good. My dealer had another vehicle come in with the same problem and after going through the problem with my SRX, they insisted on having Cadillac fly one of their experts in to their shop to work on it. Seems like they isolated the drain on the battery to a sequence that is peculiar to how the many SRX's control modules interact serially. Kudos to the dealer on getting Cadillac to stand by their vehicle and step up their quality.