: New here from NM

08-02-10, 12:06 AM
I just got a 2006 sts with 4.6. Every nice car love everything about it good on gas until a floor it.:hmm:
The v-8 does good in performance, But if any ideas to boost it or tune it let me know. Also a ? has anyone put N2O on one of these too?Maybe cam?maybe try to get used supercharger from sts-v and put on 4.6l?

My other car is a 2002 Sierra Denali with whipple supercharger, N2O, tuned, long tube headers, methanol injection, 3200 stall converter, and cam.

08-02-10, 09:40 AM
1st off forget A cam, the motor run off quad cams so expect to replace all 4, dont think anyone has ever done that in a stock rwd 4.6
2nd to tune pray you have a LATE LATE 06, as the 05-06 pcm isnt tuneable no one has hacked it
3rd nope no one has n2o one either again in rwd configuration

If you want some added power, Corsa/Borla exhausts are amazing on these cars and Volant is the only one that produces an intake.