: How many single malt scotch affectionados on here?

Gary Wells
08-01-10, 11:20 PM
OK, How many peeps on here are into <single malt< scotches and what >single malt< scotches are you into. Favorite? everyday? At your favorite watering hole?, to impress your friends? What's your best shot? Where's user name "Lavaman" at? I know that he indulges. You know that I do. What do you pay in the midwest? what do you pay on the right coast? Or do you just drink your friend's? (I know a few of those people).

08-01-10, 11:50 PM
I used to love a good single malt Scotch, but only indulge occasionally now. When my son spent his junior year at the University of Edinburgh, my wife and I spent a week in that great city and had the chance to take in the various "tasting rooms" along the Royal Mile near Edinburgh Castle. I can't say I remember which was my favorite, as there were several very smooth and peaty single malts available.

08-02-10, 07:50 AM
A little bit of this……

……a little bit that


Makes this…..how do you spell “living the good life”


08-02-10, 08:31 AM
I like a couple of the Balvenie varieties, but actually go through a lot more small batch and single barrel Bourbons.

08-02-10, 11:13 AM
Macallan 25, only neat in a Riedel single malt scotch glass, usually on fall and winter special occasions and holidays, I don't share well with others. :)

08-02-10, 11:44 AM
I don't share well with others. :)

Somehow I'm not surprised. :p

08-02-10, 11:55 AM
Sting, I paid as much for my Roadmaster as my last bottle, I'm generous to a point... :)

08-02-10, 11:57 AM
When it comes to single malt Scotch whiskey, I don't share well with others either!

08-02-10, 12:01 PM
There was a great article in 1995 in Automobile Magazine called something like "on the whiskey trail" where the European editor, Georg Kacher (sorry if I misspelled) drove around to some of the most noteworthy single malt producers in a brand new 1995 Rolls-Royce Flying Spur - basically a long wheelbase Bentley Turbo R in Rolls-Royce trim. Classic article as only that magazine could do. I think I scanned it and will post it if I can find it. :)

08-02-10, 02:42 PM
"Oh show me, the way, to the next whiskey bar...........oh, don't ask why, oh don't ask why................" :band:

08-02-10, 03:30 PM
It ain't Scotch, but for those who live east of the Mississippi there's a thingy called the "Bourbon Trail" (or close) that you drive around central Kentucky, hitting 3 or 4 distilleries a day. Ish berry intereshtin'.

08-02-10, 03:45 PM
I'll bet! And seein' as how Kentucky 's hurting for revenue, I'll bet there is a trooper behind every billboard!

Gary Wells
08-02-10, 05:01 PM
Started out years ago on Glen Livet 12, at some point in time sipped some Macallan 12, fell in love with that, basically went in heat with Macallan 18, other likes amongst the sherry single malt scotches are Dalmore 12, Balvenie 12 double wood, and lately have gotten away from the sherry palate and gone over to Dalwhennie 15, a single malt highland scotch, devilishly tasty with a hint of peat and smoke, has quickly become one of my favorites, and last but definitely not least is Bunnahabhain 12 and their 12 year heavily peated Signatory non chill-filtered. Years ago a friend brought me a bottle of Bunnahabhain 12 year, short squat green bottle, heavily peated and smokey, Islay single malt scotch. It was to die for. Unfortunately, they quit bottling it some time back. I am just now starting to acquire a taste for 15 & 18 year olds, (scotches, don't even think of going anywhere else with that statement), and I could never hold it against anybody for not sharing 18 & 25 year olds (single malt scotches).

08-02-10, 05:08 PM
At the Rolls-Royce Owners' Club annual meet in 2000 which was held in Lexington, KY, we attended a bourbon tasting that was top notch, learned alot and hardly any of us could walk or see straight after. :) I was looking at the title of this thread: is there a difference between being a scotch "affectionado" and a scotch "aficionado" or is Gary a creative speller? :) All of this scotch and bourbon talk is making my low liquor light come on by the way. :)

08-02-10, 05:18 PM
Dave, is it ever off?

Gary Wells
08-02-10, 05:23 PM
Oops, my bad, and what a word to misspell, too. Seems that it might have some sexual connotations, also.

08-02-10, 05:28 PM
Gary, all part of the fun. :)

08-02-10, 05:34 PM
Guess where all the charred (seasoned) oak barrels for rum and scotch come from.............?

08-02-10, 06:03 PM
New Jersey? :)

08-03-10, 03:32 PM
Guess where all the charred (seasoned) oak barrels for rum and scotch come from.............?


08-03-10, 08:23 PM

Nope, they come from the bourbon distillers in Kentucky. After they've aged the bourbon and drain them, they send them to Scotland. Didn't know that they use them for rum though, pretty cool stuff. I think they send Jack Daniels and George Dickel(Tennessee whiskey) barrels to Scotland as well.

Another interesting fact about Scotch, its the #1 export from Scotland in terms of $$$ and volume.

As for single malts, I'm too poor to afford them. Occasionally I'll buy something at the $30-$40 a fifth price, had a great 12 year old Speyside a few months ago. Can't remeber the name, but it was very peaty, smokey, and bold.

08-03-10, 08:55 PM
Get into a Scotch tour: The two of you fly into Edinburgh, bus to the SW coast and embark, with 6 others, on a coastal cruise vessel. You steam for 6-7 hours and moor in a coastal port with a known distillery. Guess what you then tour ? Crash aboard the boat and do it all over again - for 8 or 10 days. Hope you have the strength to lug home your purchases.......

Jack Daniel's and George Dickel are two damn fine Tennessee whiskeys - essentially bourbons, but like Scotch, Vidalia onions and Cognac - "bourbon" is location-specific and protected.

08-03-10, 09:21 PM
"I'll learn to play just what I feel, drink scotch whiskey all night long, and die behind the wheel......."

I like whiskey, but I tried scotch once at a bar in Duluth and didn't really like it. I forget what kind it was? What's the best brands that are easily acquired at a bar?

08-04-10, 09:32 AM
"Bar" Scotch can run the gamut from cheap battery acid to some fairly decent varieties. J&B, White Horse, Cutty Sark, Dewars, Johnny Walker (black & red), ....several others are the "rail" and low priced types. When you get to the 12 year olds, single barrels, and higher, the size of your credit card is the limit. It is very easy, in an average liquor store, to pay upwards of $75 for a fifth of good Scotch. A bar "call" drink of that is going to be big bucks.

08-04-10, 11:34 AM
Tis' true there is alot variation in taste among the wide variety of Scotch whiskeys available. My preference in bar Scotch has always been one of the Johnny Walkers (preferably "Black") or Chivas Regal. But among the lesser priced blends I prefer Grant's. But let's face it Scotch is an aquired taste, many think it tastes like medicine, and I can't blame anyone who prefers one of the fine American bourbons. I have never been a beer drinker and can take or leave wine, especially without a meal to accompany the wine. I acqireed my taste for Scotch and Irish whiskey while in the serrvice (Chivas Regal was $.45 at the club).Once you acquire a taste for good Scotch nothing else will take its' place!

08-04-10, 07:12 PM
So...Johnny Walker is the big name?

08-04-10, 07:32 PM
^^^ IMO Johnny Walker is a good bended Scotch, but not in the same league as the better single malt Scotch whiskeys the gentlemen here are discussing.

08-04-10, 08:44 PM

This PDF file is from a high end grill in St Paul. They boast a single malt scotch that's 55 years old, and it runs $750.00 a pour. This specific style was only poured on one day in 1949, and they've been maturing since then.

08-04-10, 09:38 PM
I live 7 miles from Jim Beam, 3 miles from Four Roses storage barns and drive past both everyday, 5 miles from Barton and Heaven Hill and about 20 miles from Makers Mark, The "Trail" runs right outside my door. The International Bourbon Festival is about 6 weeks away and its a grand time for all. My personal favorite is Pappy Van Winkle 20. For just drinking around the house its 1792 or Makers with ginger ale. Elijah Craig 18 is my choice for "bang for the buck" If your a SERIOUS Bourbon or Scotch drinker I recommend these....


Ice Rocks that you place in the freezer, then add to your drink and no added water from melted ice.

The V at Makers. Notice the bottle shaped holes in the shutters:



At Jim Beam (also the sight of the Czech military institution in Stripes that was rampaged by the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle):


I had dinner last night with 2 sommeliers, one of which is only one of 170 "Master" sommeliers in the world since 1969 and they can pair anything with foods and cigars. Needless to say it was a great learning experience. Biggest point learned: Wine is not a beverage for intoxication, its a very expensive condiment to go with the your foods.

08-04-10, 10:04 PM
Yeah, plus if you're gonna get drunk off wine, get ready to spend the next 24 hours in misery.

Gary Wells
08-04-10, 10:56 PM
I'm in heaven, gentlemen, they just opened up a brand new "TotallyWine" in Orange County, and they have Macallan's 18YO for 129.95 a bottle. Unfortunately, Macallan's 25 YO is way out of my league at pretty close to $500 a bottle. Actually, Macallan's 18YO is out of my league, but at that kind of discount price, I might just splurge to have a few bottles in the house hidden away. Pretty much anything below $40 is probably better left on the shelf. Macallan 12YO is a very good buy out here for about $40 at the discount liquor barns. Dalmore 12YO is about $40 out here at the discounts and is not a bad buy, but IMHO, is not an equal of Macallan 12. A bud of mine came by my house a few weeks ago with a bottle of something called Singleton, which wasn't real bad, but it was no match for the $40 single malts. Another cardinal sin of mine is I always drink single malt scotch and soda, & just a pinch or either lemon or lime. If I went to Scotland, I am really afraid that I would never leave. People who say that you should never mix a good Scotch or Whiskey generally are not perusers of good alcohol anyway. If you are a scotch and soda drinker, regardless of who says otherwise, you just haven't lived until you have mated Macallan 12 or 18 & Schweppes soda water.

Gary Wells
08-04-10, 11:14 PM

As for single malts, I'm too poor to afford them. Occasionally I'll buy something at the $30-$40 a fifth price, had a great 12 year old Speyside a few months ago. Can't remeber the name, but it was very peaty, smokey, and bold..................

Aron9000: You know a little more about single malt scotches than you are letting on. Only a person very fond of single malt scotches could and would describe a good Speyside that way........and I would sure like to know the name of that Speyside. I love peaty, smokey, and bold.
Wasn't Bunnahabhain, was it? Which is really an Islay, but one bottling of it, their Signatory, is exceptionally peaty and smokey. One of their un-chillfiltereds.

08-05-10, 10:08 PM
Well I stole the "peaty" description off of a website. I think I might have to make a roadtrip to the liquor store I bought it from, even if it is 20 miles on the other side of town.

08-05-10, 10:19 PM
I got back from Scotland a few weeks ago and toured a few distilleries....Oban, Glengoyne, Talisker and others...... I was able to bring home a bottle of Mortlach, a non-exported single malt...and I must say, what the Scots keep for themselves is the best scotch available by far!


08-06-10, 12:13 AM
Damn this thread. I went to the other side of town to my favorite liquor store, best prices and selection anywhere. Found my scotch, Glen Moray 12 year, a speyside distilled in Elgin. Forget that previous description, this stuff was pretty light, floral aroma, kind of fruity and sweet, with a hint of toffee on the finish. Good stuff though, a lot better than Johnnie Walker Red Label, and only $27 a fifth!!

08-07-10, 09:43 AM
Chivas, Johnny Walker Black (I won't touch red, but as you go up the colors past Black they get better and much more expensive), MACALLAN 12 y.o. & 15. I like the 12 better than the 15. I'm like most you guys, I don't share well when it comes to scotch.

08-08-10, 03:25 PM
In 2007, my daughter was working in Aberdeen Scotland and we went to visit her. She arranged a trip to THE GLENLIVET distillery. She drove her company car. I was a bit nervous being in the left front seat WITHOUT A STEERING WHEEL! We drove on narrow roads, through the highlands, past a ski hill, the roads looked abandoned, past old castles (are there any new ones??) Finally we got to the Glenlivet distillery. Actually, it was maybe 5 miles past Glenfiddich Distillery. Because it was a rainy day there were few people for the tour so we got a lot of info. At the end we got to taste normal 12 yr and 15 and 18 yr Scotches. I also bought a book
listing and comparing all single malt Scotch Whiskeys. A very enjoyable day and I was very happy my daughter doesn't like Scotch so her driving was fine on the way back and I was more "relaxed"!

08-09-10, 10:13 AM
Chivas, Johnny Walker Black (I won't touch red, but as you go up the colors past Black they get better and much more expensive), MACALLAN 12 y.o. & 15. I like the 12 better than the 15. I'm like most you guys, I don't share well when it comes to scotch.

Chivas and JW are blends...they dont count.


08-09-10, 11:51 AM
^^^ T'is True!

08-12-10, 07:31 PM


08-13-10, 08:16 PM
Anybody post this yet:


08-14-10, 01:15 AM
Anybody post this yet:


Hmmmm, only 11 bottles discovered. Wonder if there were 12 in the case originally, and the archeologists cracked one open to celebrate the find?

08-14-10, 08:51 AM
My thoughts exactly. Somebody's getting to appreciate a 100 year old bottle of scotch tonight. :D

08-14-10, 10:04 PM
Bar Scotch - Chivas
Scotch at Home - Dalmore 12
If I can find it and afford it - Usquaebach, (pronounced Whisk-ay-bay, I understand this to mean "water of life").
I know its a blend - but if you ever have a chance to try it, you'll love it. They don't even tell you how old it is and its still 100+.

Gary Wells
09-21-10, 09:45 PM
I have found the site of my dreams.
Who can lend me some money?

09-21-10, 11:56 PM
hmm scotch does a whisky scotch mix count ?