: Help! How do I pull front struts!?

08-01-10, 03:24 PM
Guys I am trying to pull the front struts. I've unbolted most of the parts. That includes the upper bolts in the engine bay and the bolts that holds the struts in at the bottom in the wheel well. There is only one bolt in the engine area that I have not removed. That's the one that is under the upper strut bar. Anyways I probably need to keep working on it. Hopefully someone can provide a diagram.
Thank you

08-04-10, 05:26 PM
Ok before I forget what I did... here is how to remove front struts.

1. Undo ball joint. Hold ball joint still using size 5 mm hex key under the screw. Bolt is a size 18. Do not use an impact. I used a ratcheting wrench.

2. Support the arm once it swings forward. Do not let it hang by the brake line.

3. Unbolt the lower strut screw using a size 22 socket. It might be a 24, either way it's BIG.

4. Unbolt the nut/screw right above the bolt you just unbolted. One side is 15mm the other side is a 17mm. You do not need to remove the bolt completely out. Just loosen it enough to rotate the strut assembly.

5. Go to engine compartment and undo 3 bolts holding the strut bar/brace. Do this on both sides NOW. All bolts are size 18mm.

6. Unbolt two bolts and one stud after removing the brace. Use a deep 18mm socket to undo the stud bolt.

6. Unclip grey connector and the two clips holding it in place. Move the wire loom to one side. This makes it easier to remove the strut assembly.

7. Remove strut assembly and you are done.

Assembly is a reverse process.

Now you can swap springs out using spring compressors and a size 15mm to remove the top hat.

Hope that helps you all. Now go buy some D3 springs!!!!


08-04-10, 07:23 PM
I didn't mess with the ball joint at all. Just undo the 22mm strut mount on bottom. There is enough play to pull down on the whole caliper assembly to get the strut out. Once you take off all 3 top bolts. This of course is if you have already compressed the strut springs with your spring compresser first. Reverse steps to put it back in