View Full Version : 454, 430, 451 LSX block install special.

07-30-10, 08:59 PM
Hi guys, For those wanting to go bigger, im running a sale on A lsx engine any size from 400 cubes to 454 cubes.

Here is the deal.

$6,800 dollars Installed with core.

Fully forged Internal parts are Callies crank, compstar rods, wiseco or diamond pistons. All good to 1000+hp.

The shortblocks add SERIOUS power but still smooth caddy feel. "Unless you want it to be aggressive we can do that too..."

Larger displacement = more torque and hp...

You guys can call with any questions.

We also have add on parts to make it even better, like 6 bolt heads for more flow and 25% more clamping power on the head gasket for higher boost.

07-30-10, 09:02 PM
There are very few times that I wish I wasn't married.......This is one of them.

07-30-10, 10:57 PM

07-30-10, 11:17 PM
I'd have soooo much done to the car by now!

08-01-10, 10:44 AM
Thanks for the emails, i responded to them all.