: BLS now due for service and booked in

cadillac londoner
07-28-10, 11:54 AM
Hi all.

My BLS Wagon 150ps manual has now told me it needs servicing.

From previous posts you will probably know that I am a very high mileage driver.

Car was registered 24/12/09 I am now on 18,500 miles.

There is no obvious choice for a dealer in London, so I have gone with Saab City in Docklands.

I 'phoned them asking if they could service my car, a girl who ha. d obviously never heard of a BLS spoke to a superior. She said that they can service it but they do not have 'Cadillac software upgrade'. As I have no issues with the car I have booked it in for the routine intermediate service on 2nd August.

On a general note I still have not had any prob's with the car of any note. I have a slight squeak when braking frequently in the queue for the Blackwall Tunnel or Tower Bridge, also the DVD for the Sat/Nav can make a noise some times, but these are minor things.

I will report on the quality of service and general attitude of Saab City after the event.

On a general note, are there any other BLS drivers out there in the London area?