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Ra Chago
07-28-10, 06:26 AM
Does anybody have any recommendations for outdoor car covers for an 08 sts v?

07-28-10, 06:37 PM
I bought weathershield HP from covercraft,It cost me around $325 dollars so be ready to shell something around that for a good one.There was one more company which sold covers for our car and had similar price range . I wanted a waterproof cover which doesn't scratch the paint and is breathable. On the waterproof part i think this cover holds pretty good but for scratches i am not so sure. The cover is advertised to have soft inside and when i received the cover i did not find it that soft so right away I was skeptical about using it. But one fine day I decided to give it a try as i spent considerable amount of time washing and polishing my car and didn't want to leave it to the mercy of elements. In couple of days when I removed the cover i noticed micro scratches on front fenders,above the wheels. The scratches were really minor and visible on close inspection and it could totally be my imagination but anyhow i did not use the cover after that as I want a second set of eyes to confirm that what I am seeing are indeed scratches due to the cover. So now I have n expensive cover for my car which I am not very comfortable using. One more thing, every time you drive your car you should be dusting it off before putting the cover back on as fine dust particles can scratch the paint. Now I am wondering if i was better off washing my car every week than going through all this. On the positive side it does keep the car clean and looks good on the car as these are supposed to be custom fit. good luck shopping and i hope this helps

07-28-10, 11:56 PM
I just ordered one from Costco that is made by Coverking. It's supposed to be suitable for So Cal weather, ie sunny and a litlte rain once in a while for outdoor use. Normal cost through Coverking was around $350, through Costco $150, so I thought I would give it a try. Worst case I can take it back if it sucks, so I'll post a follow up once I receive it and try it out...

Ra Chago
07-29-10, 07:08 AM
Thank you for your responses. I'm in the process of taking it back to the dealer for a "finishing touch" treatment in which they seal the paint and scotch guard the leather. They claim that I won't need to wax it for 3 years. I'm currently using Meguairs Gold Class car wash and I dust it with the Original California Duster. Ill do my research on those car covers.

07-29-10, 07:46 PM
PNBLWZD, coverking was the other company which i researched and they seemed to have good reviews. I had to decide between either of those and I went with covercraft for no particular reason. The price at costco for the cover is a steal , i wish i had checked their website :ill:. Let us know how do you like the cover once you get it, if you feel its soft enough from inside may be i will buy one too and try to sell mine if i can.
Ra Chago
How much does the whole sealing thing costs, if you don't mind sharing. Also let us know if you are satisfied with it once done and it actuallyy does what dealer claims.


07-30-10, 08:38 PM
So I received the cover from Costco today and put it on. The material is the same feel inside and out; the inside is white and the outside silver with no soft liner for the painted surface. This cover is for my Silverado so I don't know how an STS cover would be, but the fit on the truck is really nice and is supposed to be taylored to each vehicle. The large areas like the sides are made from one large piece of material instead of a bunch of small pieces sewn together, so it doesn't have as many seems as other covers I've seen. It has pockets sewn on for the mirrors, elastic around the bottom edge, and a place to install a locking cable (included) if desired. Also comes with a storage bag. Putting it on alone was a little tricky, is it wants to slide all over the place and fall off at first, but once on has a nice snug fit. I'll leave it on for a few days and see how it does, but might look around for one with a soft liner instead.

Ra Chago
07-31-10, 11:39 AM
For the sealing service and leather service the dealer charged me 500$. Ill keep you guys posted.

09-02-10, 03:33 PM
I ordered a car cover from carcoversdirect.com. It is the Technalon Evolution material made by Covercraft, it is made for outdoor storage for areas that get a lot of sun. It has a soft interior to protect your cars paint. It is not waterproof, it is highly water repellent, you do not want to put a waterproof cover on your car because they do not breathe and this can damage your car. Overall this has been a great cover, and I am a very picky female. :yup:

Ra Chago
05-19-11, 03:46 PM
I ended up with a California Car Cover Superweave and it cost me 280$ I bought some gust guards and a cable lock as well. Very light weight.

05-19-11, 04:38 PM
What is gust guard ? My cover holds up pretty good in 30 mph winds or so ..anyhting more than that blows it off .. i have had that happen to me and the only thing which saved my 350 dollars was string which runs under the car and ties the cover down. I would have loved to have two more tie down opions , each by front and rear wheel though. Now if gust guard is something different i might be interested. All in all i am happy with the cover but it is a pain to dust the car off for fine dust everytime i want to put the cover on.

Ra Chago
05-19-11, 06:21 PM
It reinforces the front bumper and rear bumper using tie downs to prevent dust from blowing up underneath. You can find them on the California Car Cover website.

06-16-11, 07:29 PM
anyone else have any other recommendations? i have a garage, but man it gets dusty somehow with everything closed. and at work, the dust is horrible. But spending $300 seems kind of ridiculous.

Ra Chago
06-19-11, 06:31 AM
Carcovers.com has them for cheap.

06-19-11, 03:26 PM
$300 is cheap?