View Full Version : Center Console Drink Holder Removal

07-27-10, 06:32 PM
Hey tech's & DIY guys

I have the center console ripped apart, all trim pieces off but I cannot remove the drink holder w/ sliding cover. I have the 2 screws removed on the front half and I can feel something holding it on the rear half but I have no idea how to get it off.

Any insight??


07-28-10, 01:00 PM
I took a whole console apart to get some pieces. It is a huge PITA.

there are rivets and all kinds of stuff in there.

If I remember correctly you have to remove the part on the bottom of the console that has the A/C vent on it and then there are a couple rivets and you might have to remove the screws that hold the two side panels of the console to the frame.

07-28-10, 01:13 PM
Crap, ok thanks for the information! I will give it another whirl tonight.