: Coast to Coast Trip

07-27-10, 10:48 AM
Our family just completed a 5,500 mile cross country sojourn (going from an Atlantic Coastal State to the Grand Canyon and the CA coast) in our 2010 SRX. It was a hard decision whether to fly out and rent a car or drive ours, but the family consensus was "nothing would be as comfortable as our own vehicle" so, that's what we did. We weren't disappointed. The back seat proved to be as comfortable and people-friendly as the front... in fact, my teenage son didn't want to sit in the front for the entire journey.

Needless to say...and as expected, we had no mechanical issues..with the only visible "wear and tear" being a small windshield ding from some yokel's un-mudflapped truck in Texas (repaired by Safelight to insure it wouldn't spread upon our return.)

Oil consumption was 'nil and amazingly, when we were driving at the higher altitudes of New Mexico and Arizona (up to 7,500 feet) on the Interstate, gas mileage actually went up! (I would think it would be the opposite). Our average, drive 72-74 mph mileage worked out to 25.7 miles per gallon and at the higher altitudes, went up to 27 mpg. In a stretch of I-40 in Eastern New Mexico, for around 200 miles, I was up to 28 mpg cruising at 77 mph (the speed limit is 75 in AZ and NM). Always being careful to disengage cruise control going up long ascents...where sometime it would go to 4,000 rpm, I kept it around 3 and the speed dropped less than 5 mph.

Driving across the Mohave Desert where the car temp showed outside readings to be between 115 and 119, the a/c kept us cool and comfortable and didn't labor hard at all when set to 72. Of course, we kept the inner cover for the sunroof closed.

For those who think the closed sunroof (with the inner cover open) will protect you against sunburn, think again. It was cool enough to drive the Pacific Coast Highway with the roof at ventilation height ( first detent) virtually all the way to Santa Barbara from Carmel-by-the-Sea and I got a sunburn on my head! Not bad, but the rays and ocean reflection can be brutal and you may not realize it!

The nav system worked like a charm and in planning our route, the preview feature really was a great help and by showing various routes, gave us an idea of what would be the best routing...plus being able to literally "drive": the route using the scroll-the-route option. An invaluable tool was the ability for it to show restaurant locations along the interstate well in advance of the exit,. then making the location a waypoint, insuring one would turn properly at the exit. Though most states have those groupings of food, gas, and lodging blue signs, only those places which pay to be on them are listed. The nav system directory was very helpful and saved the agony of leaving the freeway, only to find what you want is two or three miles away from the exit, etc.

To make the trip "fit" our 15 day allotment, we had to drive some 800 mile days, and though there were two of us driving, that's a long time for anybody to be cooped up in a car..yet the "people dimensions" of the SRX allowed everybody to have plenty of space and the quietness of the vehicle, plus lack of any wind noise, really made a big difference from other cars I have driven.

Overall, the family decided upon our return...very late at night after a 825 mile day, if we had to do it all over again, we'd drive and it "better be the SRX" Cadillac and GM have really designed a winner and for those of us who enjoy it's performance on a daily basis on our routines, it's a great "trip vehicle" for destinations unknown!

07-27-10, 12:12 PM
What a great review / article. You mean you didn't get any; "Are we there Yet's"?

What color is your SRX, do you have lots of bugs and junk on your front bumper, how are you going to remove them, and lastly, are you going to take the SRX in for an Oil change after that trip?

Wonderful post, thank you for that!!!

07-27-10, 12:14 PM
Just an EXCELLENT review. Very much enjoyed! :thumbsup:

07-27-10, 10:50 PM
That is an awesome review! I would very much concur to this end with our recent family trip as well. Very well loved by everyone and no problems as well. A very great vehicle by GM!

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07-28-10, 10:27 AM
What color is your SRX, do you have lots of bugs and junk on your front bumper, how are you going to remove them, and lastly, are you going to take the SRX in for an Oil change after that trip?


The car had around 2,000 miles on it before we left and by the time we returned, the Oil Life Indicator was right at 11%...so I did get the oil changed (with Synthetic) and had the tires rotated.

As far as the bugs, they came off with a bit of warmish water and a sponge. I use Speed Shine (http://www.griotsgarage.com/product/car%20care/car%20washing/car%20cleaners/speed%20shine.do?code=PPC01&gclid=CPnR6bO1jqMCFQUUswodqTtHWg) to keep the SRX looking shiny and the stuff is remarkable if you put it on the front, including trim, lights and bumper. It adds a "Teflon-like" feel that keep bug spots from "setting" into the surface and removing them a breeze.

07-28-10, 11:10 AM
Nice write up. I hope you have many more happy miles.

for me:
bugs + white = a bitch

07-28-10, 11:12 AM
Do you have a 3M Bra Jim? They make cleaning bugs a breeze!

07-28-10, 11:25 AM
No, but I really should consider it. Jim

07-28-10, 12:09 PM
All you need is a "bug scrubber" sponge. About $1 in the Walmart auto section. It's a regular sponge encased in netting. The netting is soft nylon and is totally non-abrasive. The netting is what grabs the bugs and strips them off. I use one of these with plain water. Bugs slide right off. The key is to clean them "before" they get baked on from the Summer heat. If they do, just add a drop of car wash to the wet sponge. It also works great on other stubborn debris anywhere else on the car's finish.