View Full Version : Audio system not sounding clear

07-26-10, 08:02 PM
Have the Navigation and the sound from the audio system is not clear and crisp the way my other vehicles are or were. Including my STS, HHR and Z06.
The system sounds muffled and somewhat muted. Listening to music is almost undesirable...unless you are tone deaf....lol

Has anyone else had this issue.

Sounds almost like the tweeters are not working.


07-26-10, 08:19 PM
I assume that you have gone into the config screen and set your perfs?

07-26-10, 08:25 PM
Exactly how are tone settings set? What music source are you getting this dull sound with.....FM, XM, CD, HDD, etc?


07-26-10, 08:33 PM
Yes I have gone into the system and tried to optimize it. Mainly it is bad with xm but also sounds off with cds and fm.

I have had others come in the vehicle and listen and all are hearing as I am. The dealer has it right now and is saying well its worse with xm. And I am like well thats a start, fix it. The xm in my Z06 is crystal clear and vettes have notoriously poor sounding systems

I have tried changing the bass, treble and midrange.......the balances and faders, with no changes. Still sounds cloudy

07-26-10, 08:52 PM
You said it sounds like the tweeters are out. Did you put your ear up to the tweeters?


07-26-10, 08:58 PM
Actually thought of that today after driving the loaner they gave me. They gave me a Buick Enclave as a loaner. And the sound is incredible in it. It also has a nav system. If the Buick sounds good and another SRX I drove sounded good........... I told the sa on the phone to check the tweeters.

07-27-10, 03:31 PM
ok I give up, gonna call the gm rep. Dealer just told me it is made to sound that bad

07-27-10, 06:28 PM
I'm a musician and I can say the sound system in my SRX is quite nice sounding. You definitely have an issue with yours despite what the dealer says. Sounds like you may have something disconnected. Did you check each speaker to see if it is operating?

07-27-10, 11:42 PM
Dealer may have found the issue but he is not saying. Got the car tonight and 80% better. Regular fm is fine now. Some, only some xm channels sound the same, better but still not crisp. Other xm sound fine. No idea why xm would be hit or miss when it is not in other vehicles

07-31-10, 11:01 PM
my 2---

i've always been a hi-fi nut in my cars. in my 4Runner, i had them rip out the stereo head when i bought it, traded that for a few free oil changes, and immediately put in a $2500 aftermarket system.

the SRX is my first car where i haven't gone aftermarket, largely due to the complexity involved since the whole nav unit is intertwined with the stereo. so i hoped the the Bose 10 speaker 5.1 sytem would do it for me. sigh.....it doesn't do it for me. i've been thouroughly saddened by the sytem, HOWEVER, when i put my first DVD-Audio in, it blew my socks off. the imaging and crispness of the DVD-A's are really excellent in every one that i've tried, if you haven't heard one yet.

either way, i'm still going to have some work done on the car. it desperately needs an amplifier, and i think that by swapping some of the Bose speakers with some more natural sounding speakers (think Boston Acoustics), i should be able to make some better noise thatn i currently can. if they can figure out how to squeeze an equalizer in, it would be light years ahead of the 3 tone controls that are currently available. and, based on the success of the DVD-A, if there was anyway to add SACD's to the system, i would jump on it.