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07-26-10, 06:45 PM
Can anyone tell me if the FE3 suspension is a lot different from the FE2? I have the FE2 in my CTS and it's just right for me , and from what I understand the FE3 is not that much harder and not overly harsh. A friend of mine is looking at the SRX with the FE3 in the Performance Collection and I was wondering if people found it tough to live with.

Smokin' SRX
07-30-10, 07:54 AM
FE 2 is softer than FE3 fore sure, but.....this sled has self-adjusting Sport Suspension in the Premium & Performance models, with the AWD, as standard fare. I have a AWD Performance model w/ the mandatory 20" wheels and was very concerned about the ride as I came from a Buick Enclave, and that baby rode nice! I did test drive one with FWD only, but it it was a Luxury model and had basic suspension with 18" wheels which was about 5% softer ride.

Bottom line...........test drive!! The self-adjusting, AWD Performance models skews the numbers away from a simple FE2 VS FE3 comparo. I did not drive a Performance model / 20" wheels, with FWD and basic suspension.

Note.....my previos '04 SRX AWD, with optional Mag-Ride suspension rode much firmer! I used to let air out of the tires to soften a bit:shhh: