: Thinking about buying an enduro motorcycle, any suggestions

07-26-10, 04:48 PM
Title says it all, Im thinking about buying a enduro motorcycle. I would be looking at preowned and am buying it to cruise around town and to work. Also maybe taking it on a few trails when I go up to my dads cabin. Anyone have any recommendations/suggestions. I have no preference for brand.


07-26-10, 08:58 PM
Does enduro = dual sport bike? :hmm:

Kawasaki's bikes are tough and reliable enough that they were adopted by the US military (in the 250cc version). You can find them for a reasonable cost. I know they make a 250cc and a 650cc bike. The 600cc bikes are too big for me (5'10'' frame).

The Honda 230cc doesn't have the power of the Kawasaki 250 (I read the difference is definitely noticeable). The 650cc is again a BIG bike.

Suzuki offers a 200, 400, and 650 cc dual sport. I think the 400 would be a good fit for my frame and have a good bit of power advantage over the 250cc. Power is always a good thing in a bike.

The BMWs are just expensive....new or used. Way overpriced IMO.

I did some research about a year back on the dual sports. You should do a search on youtube for information and reviews:


There's a ton of info on youtube and good reviews on all of the dual sport bikes. FWIW I almost had myself talked into a used Kawasaki 250cc dual sport bike when we got 2 motorcycle vs vehicle traumas into the operating room. That's not the first time I've been slapped back into reality by my job.