: 99 Seville brake upgrade

07-25-10, 08:13 PM
I have done a search but have not found the information detailed on a seville upgrade. I seem to understand that you can take the calipers off a newer DTS or Lucerne and install them on an older Seville. I have the 17" wheels so that is not an issue. Besides the calipers and rotors what else do I need? Backing plates? If someone has done this can you let me know all the things you need? Last can someone give me an idea on how much improvement you felt. I believe the brakes on the SLS are less than desireable and see to have a lot of fade. Any input would be appreciated.

08-02-10, 10:24 AM
There's no need to change calipers - the Seville units are perfectly adequate. Go to www.ebcbrakes.com and do a lot of reading on Black Dash rotors and Redstuff pads. Then look at www.placeforbrakes.com. (Use their popup 12% discount if you so choose). $490 for pads and rotors, delivered.

This my set which will go on in August. We have done 2 other 2000+ Sevilles, an SLS and a STS, and they stop very quickly with no fade - follow the pad break-in instructions !!! Clean all the wheel and hub mounting surfaces and use a dial indicator to check rotor runout - less than .003". If you can't obtain that, Google "pro cut lathe".

08-02-10, 11:02 AM
Not to disagree, but the dual pistion caliper (rpo JL9) equipped on the DTS and Lucerne are there to help grip and thus improve stopping power. The DTS is more of a Seville replacement than it was to the Deville, check the center stack shifter as well as the magnetic ride control shocks, they are the same as the older Seville. If it didnt help and improve stopping power I highly doubt GM would of fronted the bill for every new Cadillac to be equipped with dual pisition brakes. Even the STS and CTS has dual pisitions on its base option JL9 and the STS even bigger brakes with the JE5 option or 4 pistion brembos with the J55/56 option. A member here STS03 or something of that nature pioneered the upgrade along with ceramic pads and reported very positive results.

Drilled and slotted rotors are pretty but unless you auto cross or ride your brakes till they get red hot youll never get any real benefit from them other than aesthetics, pad will help a lot though such as the EBCs Sub reccomends. The orginal thought behind the drilling was to vent gasses given off by the pads when burning and slotting was to sweep debris away from pad however with the advent of better pads this is unnecessary.

08-02-10, 11:58 AM
Truth ^^^^..........but he's asking for a 1999 SLS braking upgrade to stop early fade, not to supply more "brake". I gave him the cheap, easy way out.

pre-2004 DTS had F55 ? I don't think so.

08-02-10, 01:05 PM
Nope Magnetic Ride was late 02-03 Seville STS (04 STS for Canada) only and then later as standard on the 06+ DTS Platinum Edition and Optional on all 05+ STS's with V8s.
The 05+ STS (non V) has a selectable setting for suspension which you can toggle between Touring and Performance modes right on the main navigation screen.
Now it also comes on the 09 CTS-V