: 2008 STS V Nav Disc

07-25-10, 11:54 AM
as i posted in another thread, i had my Nav system erplaced ,again, and Im sure they put in a repaired unit.This one has 2 discs,East v & West, ver 4.00. My memory is that i had 1 disc in before, so 2 questions, for you 2008 onwers,how many discs do you have,and what ver--thanks

07-25-10, 01:07 PM
i just bought the 2010 nav disk set. It is 2 disks now instead of 1. My complaint to GM is that, even though NAVTEQ is the company that gives them the data, my 2008 Infiniti (Navteq as well) has more up to date data than my "new" 2010 GM disk. Navteq says "it's not our fault, GM puts in what they want" and GM says, "sorry, no refunds". No answer as to why they don't use all of the updated data from navteq, no "sorry you paid $200 for old data", nothing.
There are some minor changes in what appears to be the operating software in 2010, but the data is still older than my 08 Infiniti.
Sorry for the rant. The bottom line is, yes, there are now 2 disks.

07-25-10, 01:12 PM
Ok thanks.What in trying to figure out is what did the 2008 STS come with as to version.I think theyve given me an older disc,ie ver 4.00,with the repaired/replacment unit. thanks

07-25-10, 08:37 PM
Version 4 is the 2007/2008 edition. The 2010 I just purchased is version 6.

07-26-10, 12:28 AM
Are we entitled to an update of our original map disc? If so does the dealer just order it?

07-26-10, 09:16 AM
good question--on my 2007 vette,i got 1 free upgrade--wonder how we find out

07-26-10, 11:04 AM
My 2008 V came with two disks. One East, one West.

GM used to offer a 1-time DVD update at no charge. That policy expired in December 2009, and now you have to buy them.

07-26-10, 12:24 PM
contacted the GM NAV disc folks--heres what i foundout--they stopped the free disc after 2007.The original discs for 2008 was ver 4.00 a set of 2 discs.The latest v is 6.00 and is 199 but is out of stock

07-26-10, 01:54 PM
Most of the time they seem to update the POIs more than the maps themselves.

07-26-10, 03:09 PM
On the BMW forums people would rip the newest discs and forward them around for people upgrade with a 20 cent blank dvd.. if anyone gets the time I'm sure a ton of people would appreciate it! But don't post the rip it on the forum, I am sure theyd take it down right away.

07-26-10, 03:48 PM
well, thats one of the most illegal things ive ever read on the internet.

07-26-10, 06:07 PM
:thumbsup: No ones making a profit off anything.. sharing is what the internet was created for..

08-04-10, 01:55 AM
cataract is right. if anyone who got the latest version please raise your hand.