: SRX production numbers

07-24-10, 08:11 PM
As a new SRX owner I wonder how many years has the SRX been produced, and how many have been made?

I've only seen one, which happened to be the same color as mine.

I wonder if it will be as 'rare' as my Saturn Sky, which had 10,000/year produced for a little over 3 years and then they 'decided to quit'. :(

So, I have 'bragging rights' of having a relatively rare car, until I am no longer able to find parts for it. Oh well, it is a super little car.


07-29-10, 08:49 PM
First, I didn't realize the SRX had been around for quite a few years.
I was primarily interested in the 2010 version, since that is what I just bought.

So I Googled a bit and wasn't able to find any numbers. What I did find was that the SRX is a hot seller and they plan to ramp up the production.

I'm still waiting to see my second SRX on the road. :)