: Finally we can get past 850 hp safely.

07-24-10, 08:37 AM
I just got some 100 lb per hour lsa direct fit injectors. They are exact size shape connectors, And they work with the stock computer with no hardware mods.

The 100 is at 60 psi so they are a little more at 70psi at wot.

2 things have to be changed when running them then they work just like stock.

at idle you need to change commanded fuel pressure to 20psi instead of 30. and cruising needs to be changed to 35 instead of 60, then wot moves to 70.

That will keep your min injector duty cycles in a happy place.

Now i guess is time for the LSX454 engine to be modified for boost and drop one in with a nasty blower.... and A little nitrous to keep things happy....

07-24-10, 08:38 AM
These are for 700-1000hp engines only , they are too big for less.

07-24-10, 09:01 AM

Would these benefit my build? If so explain to me how. Please see my sig for your current injectors in service.