: EBC Red Stuff brake pads

07-22-10, 10:34 PM
Has anyone had experience with these ceramic pads? One of the few manufacturers having full front/rear sets for the CTS-V.

07-22-10, 11:04 PM
Not on the CTS-V, but did use them based on strong peer reviews on an '05 BMW X5 4.8is. Reports were good initial bite, comparable stopping distances, and far less dust. I happened to buy a set with a manufacturing defect (little nipple on the inside pad backer that should only have been molded onto the outside pad backer) that prevented even application on the rotor. As a result of uneven heating of the pads, they cracked. EBC did right and sent me another set of pads, but I'd already installed a new set of Axxis Ultimates. Mine was a bit of a freak occurrence. I still hear/read good reports on them.

07-23-10, 02:08 AM
I have not heard of these but would love a great alternative if they are quieter than our stock pads. My brakes squeak very loud and very high-pitched. I can barely stand the sound of them when the windows are down. Hurts my ears.


07-23-10, 01:37 PM
I ran EBC Yellows on my track Corvette. They would take a significant amount of abuse without any real fading. I would not run them on the street becaxuse of the poor cold stopping power and the massive dusting. Never run the Red's...