View Full Version : Mechanic in Nashua NH area

07-22-10, 07:40 PM
Anyone know a good caddy mechanic in the nashua nh area. No dealers needed, they all suck and rip you off.

07-26-10, 12:21 PM
I've not done this but Click and Clack advertise a mechanic referral page on their website.

BUT here's what I do........... when I do move into a new town I go down to NAPA and ask them for a recommendation. I've never failed to get a good mechanic at a fair and honest price.

07-26-10, 02:40 PM
What kind of work do you need done?

07-28-10, 03:28 PM
I'm interested in this info as well, I'm moving back to NH from NC and although it would be about an hours drive for me I'm willing to do just that for fair and good Mechanic. The dealer in my home town is terrible.