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07-22-10, 04:01 PM
Well the car is all back together.
-2.55 upper pulley
-ported snout
-90 mm TB (thanks Paschall perf. smoking deal)
-solid isolator
-W4M heat exchanger
-W4M hand held tuner
-Magnaflow cat back exhaust (thanks Paschall Perf. SMOKING DEAL) sounds nice
-160* thermostat
-KPE intake/ with cut brake air duct
- polished strut bar

pic time

07-22-10, 04:41 PM
Nice work...love the lower grill filled up with the cooler. Any dyno numbers yet? Also, what is the "KPE with cut brake inlet?"

07-22-10, 04:45 PM
Ridiculous! I love it! You should post some vids if you get the chance.

07-22-10, 05:19 PM
Very Very Nice!

07-22-10, 05:22 PM
there is a brake cooling tube- from the fog light to the driver side front brake--- some remove it totally- i cut the top section of the tube out so it will feed the intake filter with cool air and still get the brake extra air flow as well.

dyno tomorrow morning first thing to make sure the a/f ratio is correct..... this this does move pretty good

engine pic

polished strut bar/engine pic

after alittle while im gonna polish the "top hat' of the super charger cover....... i think it will look awesome.......

hitting the track next friday as well

07-22-10, 06:53 PM
Do you have an audio clip of the exhaust? The one on Magnaflow's wesite isn
t that good.

07-22-10, 07:35 PM
Do you have an audio clip of the exhaust? The one on Magnaflow's wesite isn
t that good.

Yeah that!

07-22-10, 08:27 PM
Well done Lawnstripes. Looking forward to hearing some sounds clips bud.:thumbsup:

07-22-10, 10:29 PM
sweet for sure

07-22-10, 11:23 PM
Nice monster there. Sound clips please.

07-23-10, 07:56 PM
my crap berry sound sucks.... i tried taking some sound clips.... will try to take some good ones.

hit the dyno today.... W4M tunes were spot on!!!!!! but only showed 434hp @ wheel ?????? (HUH) they did a 1/4 mile run after and it came in at 11.36 sec. ( i dont get it!!!!)


07-23-10, 07:58 PM
Jeanne drove it for the first time today and texted me ....... " i never need to put on the radio in the V ever again" i think she likes how it sounds lol

07-23-10, 07:59 PM
lol prolly dynoed in 3rd gear

07-23-10, 08:20 PM
lol prolly dynoed in 3rd gear

nope- 4th gear manual sport mode

hit tc button twice and then held for 10 seconds to fully turn off stabilety tract

it was a mustang awd dyno

boost was between 10.5-11 lbs
hp/tq with a/f
1/4 run
a/f on bottom

middle (green line)

07-23-10, 08:31 PM
for the exhaust see Cliff @ Paschal Perf. smoking deal...... even WAY better then what is being offered by others

07-23-10, 09:52 PM
Simply amazing...a car this heavy and luxurious running 11.30's. Oh and under 80k. :worship:

07-23-10, 10:55 PM
Try putting the stock airbox with the bottom cut off next time you take it to the dyno... You might see something funny.

As for tune, It looks like the cats where hot during the runs and it went into cat overtemp protection. I have it commanding 10.5 in that mode which is what you are running. If it was cooled down and the ambient temps where down more, you will shoot to 11.5s which im commanding. On the street it will be 11s ...

Also, check to make sure your throttle blade is opening all the way at wot. It might be at 70-80percent like some i have seen which would also explain low numbers.

07-24-10, 12:20 PM
thanks Jesse- the car was alittle warm (but these motors are always warm)
-we had 2 pusher fans in the lower grill for H.E.
- 1 pusher into the fog light area to feed intake
-and 1 larger upright fan blowing on the radiator

Jesse- what about a water injection kit? Have u messed with these? there big on diesels.... and if u use a combo water/meth u get some added hp but i just like the water only route- for the added cooling

Also-- when u have a 160* thermostat... where does the needle sit when up to temp on the road -- to me the needle looks to be at the exact same spot as before we switched it out?

-the numbers........ yeah it would be great to see 540hp but i dont care if it said we have 200hp...and if we are able to run 11's..... thats the real hp number!!!!

-the car flat out moves and sounds close to a muscle car now :)

-i was gonna check to make sure the TB butterfly is opening fully.


07-24-10, 06:45 PM
Whats it going to take to dip into the 10's. Your numbers are very impressive.

07-24-10, 06:52 PM
well the dyno guys did a 1/4 mile run "on the dyno" and it did the 11.3........ we will be hitting the track on friday and get "real" numbers

http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy68/lawnstripes/th_vstart12.jpg (http://s778.photobucket.com/albums/yy68/lawnstripes/?action=view&current=vstart12.mp4)

07-24-10, 06:54 PM
in car
http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy68/lawnstripes/th_incar2.jpg (http://s778.photobucket.com/albums/yy68/lawnstripes/?action=view&current=incar2.mp4)

07-24-10, 07:34 PM

Sounds good. Thanks for the video.
Congrats on your beast

07-24-10, 07:39 PM
thanks- i will try to get some more... i actually have a bunch but my black berry wont let me send them!!! i had ones on the dyno........ fk b.b.

yeah it was the 3rd and 4th time i was able to drive the car- lol its her baby WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!