: '67 429 Main & Conn Rod Markings?

07-22-10, 02:05 PM
Hey All,

I've got my 1967 429 out of the car after trying to track down an issue with a "knock" in the engine, which you can read more about on my blog if you're interested (link below).


At any rate, the engine looks VERY good inside, with no discoloration or other damage to the bearings. The odometer reads just over 65,000 miles.

I'm trying to figure out if the engine has been rebuilt/overhauled in it's life or if the engine could really be in such great condition for the miles.

One reason I'm leaning toward rebuild/overhaul as a likelyhood is that there are number markings on all of the main and connecting rod caps. You can just make out the number 3 on the #3 connecting rod in the picture below.


I don't suppose that Cadillac ever put markings on the main and conn. rod caps from the factory, did they?


09-09-10, 05:16 PM
Sounds like your 67 is overall in good nick. Could I get your advice?
I'm looking to buy a caddy and am interested in late 60's-70's models.
What are some foreseeable problems mechanically with the 67 and where would they typically rust?

Is the 68-69 a better model? I know they have engine upgrades.