: G Force chip

07-22-10, 10:11 AM
does anyone know if the g force chip does anything useful thanks

07-22-10, 09:28 PM
any link or explanation of where this thing plugs in? or does?

07-23-10, 01:16 PM
Are you talking about the 1 or 2 that are in the ESC brake system?

Check out this site for an excellent tutorial:


07-23-10, 05:24 PM
does anyone know if the g force chip does anything useful thanks

It will lighten your wallet by MSRP $300.00 your price ONLY $69.00 +S&H. If a $69 chip could increase you HP by 60, improve your gas mileage 4-7 MPG and reduce your emissions, I think government owned GM would be forced to put them in every car they manufacture.

Cadillac Tony
07-23-10, 05:43 PM
"Chips" that are sold as improving HP or fuel economy are nothing more than .50c resistors you can buy at Radio Shack. They put them in a black box and add some wires, then tell you to hook it up to the Mass Air Sensor to trick the car into adding less fuel.

At best they're a waste of money, at worst they'll cause engine damage and void your warranty.

07-24-10, 01:53 AM
In a word: No

07-24-10, 02:01 AM
Ah, one of those "chips". :rofl:

07-30-10, 04:50 PM
There's no freaking way Ide put that pos in my lady ( my Deville ) I've souped up fords and old firebirds hp costs $. You love your Caddy? Don't put cheep crap on her.She's not built for speed any way. You want speed buy a used 600 RR Honda.:alchi: