: Debadging - your opinion?

07-21-10, 06:28 PM
I'm curious, what do you all think about debadging? Most Cadillacs I've seen were not debadged but lately I've been thinking of taking off the 32V Northstar and Cadillac logos on the trunk of my DeVille just leaving the Cadillac Motor Division logo around the keyhole to the trunk.

On some cars I think the debadge helps to hide the car's make so as to make people curious - on my Buick Riviera all the logos on the outside of the car are big R's (There's nothing that says Buick on the car except on the steering wheel and the dash) so I took off everything that even said Riviera on it, so to some unknowing person it's just a R. People just constantly wonder "What kind of car is that?" if they don't know Buicks so well - which lots of people don't.

With the Cadillac I don't think it's going to hide what the car is, nor would I try to - I think people would know it's a DeVille even without any badges that said so (The vertical tail lights are unmistakably Cadillac) so the badges seem unnecessary to me. I think it makes it look cleaner and easier to clean.

What are your thoughts? Anyone have some pictures of their debadged Caddy they want to share?

07-21-10, 07:01 PM
On a car that old, people will just think the badges fell off and you were too cheap to get them replaced...

07-21-10, 10:44 PM
It is amusing to see that in one side there is a group of people pasting and installing very unnecessary stuff on their car and they find it fun, and in the other side there are people that their fun is to remove stuff from their car!

A good business in the middle for me is to get the stuff from the later group and sell them to the first group! Yeah! :D

07-22-10, 02:25 AM
On a car that old, people will just think the badges fell off and you were too cheap to get them replaced...
Well, normally this would seem likely but badges never fall off cleanly with no trace. Most cars I see where this has happened the glue came off on a single letter - so for example if they were individual letters it would say "adillac" and the glue residue where the "C" was would be there. I actually debadged my Riviera because a piece of the cursive "a" on the end of the badge broke off and left glue residue. There's not the slightest hint a badge ever was there, I also took off the "Supercharged" on the back - so as not to advertise that my car was faster than expected.

But I certainly don't like adding badges to a car, it just looks tacky. I once saw a Mustang GT where the person took off the GT badge on the back and replaced it with one of the GT-R badges off a Nissan...now that's just tacky! Also the famous Cobra badges on the six cylinder Mustang - I think there must be at least half a dozen of those around town, it's really sad. I used to have a Grand Prix GTP which had the "GTP Supercharged" on both sides being the only thing that told people it wasnt a basic N/A 3800 Grand Prix GT - I took those off to add sleeper factor.

The only time I think rebadging is okay is if you did some serious mods to the car that make it something special. For example, if you swapped a Corvette motor into a DeVille - you could put DeVille-V on it or maybe debadge and then rebadge it as a DTS-V, but on a standard stock DeVille that would just be silly. At least have some capability to prove you are something special.

Alpina, the company that modifies BMWs will actually not sell the Alpina badge to anyone - the only way to get it is to go to an Alpina dealer and it would be installed after you have X amount of parts saying what stage it is. At least they try to have damage control so people don't stick Alpina badges on every BMW made...

On a sidenote, I don't think '99 is that old...most cars start to lose their badges after 20+ years if at all, but I've never had a car where the badging came off or anything unless I did it to it on purpose.

07-22-10, 08:43 AM
I think its a lost cause debadginng a Caddy! The Caddy looks like a magnificent Caddy even in the dark.

Many do it to the Saturn Sky, (there were only 34,000 made). And yep without badges, it has more folks come up for the whole 'speel'.

I added some badges to mine, and many come up and simply compliment me on the car. Then I'm on my way with a big smile.

07-22-10, 02:03 PM
You wanna see some serious "debadging", do some research and see what we used to do to '49 -'57 Fords and Mercs !!!

07-23-10, 12:30 PM
You wanna see some serious "debadging", do some research and see what we used to do to '49 -'57 Fords and Mercs !!!

Aha, I noted the age! Me too.
I remember the 'mods' in the 50's well. The Merc was a beauty.
The best of the 50's in many ways are gone forever, unfortunately.


07-23-10, 10:49 PM
I have debadged my 2002 deville, all except the Caddy crests. Leave the marque and remove northstar and etc. It looks clean as far as symmetry goes and makes the car look somewhat cleaner. I like mine and most don't know they've been removed. heat up with blowdryer and i used plastic razor blades, then goo-gone(manuf. name) then wax/buff.

07-24-10, 12:32 AM
Yeah you can also heat and use fishing line to get underneath the badges and they come right off. I like debadged cars, they look cleaner, less cluttered.

I'd do it.

07-24-10, 05:05 AM
Just to give an example - here are pictures of my Riviera before and after. It's not a major difference but you can't tell me it doesn't look better after the fact. (Note: It's the small supercharged badge on the right side - like I said not big but you see how it looks without)



Sorry, I can't help but show how the car finally looked - this I think made a much bigger difference :cool:

Not trying to make a showcase for Buick, what being on Cadillac forums and all anyway. To be fair, I always wanted an Eldorado ETC but I found a DeVille instead - I love GM cars in general. Cadillac is still king IMO and despite the Riviera riding good, my DeVille puts it to shame.

Oldman Cadillac
08-16-10, 06:38 PM
I've owned four Cadi's so far ('84 Eldo, '98 Deville, '00 Deville, '06 CTS) and debadged them all. It looks cleaner and its the cheapest and easiest mod you can do. Just my 2 cents