: BLS 1.9 TiD saloon - various errors

07-21-10, 03:06 AM

I'm new to this forum but I've checked around a bit and thought I'd pop a question in, just to see if anyone has the same problem as me.

I have a 2006 (warranty start 200702) BLS 1.9 TiD saloon and sometimes I've seen some strange behavior. This comes and goes and some of the errors I've encountered in the on board computer are:
- Anti skid regulation is inactive
- ABS is inactive
- Alarm is inactive
- Rain sensors are inactive

and a message telling me to contact my Cadillac workshop (or a Saab rather in my opionion).

The ASR happend just yesterday. The problem is that the car is spotting me these errors from time to time, without any reason. Why I say without any reason is that this appears mostly when the car is just started or on my way somewhere. The ASR error occurred on the go, and a couple of minutes later, disappeared. The alarm and rain sensors hasn't been common, but at engine start, the message poped up on the display once or twice.

My question is therefore, has anyone had this problem? If so, how was it fixed? If the car still was under warranty I wouldn't hesitate to take it to the workshop. My experience with the Swedish workshops is not positive in the Gothenburg area (Cadillac), thought I give a Saab workshop a try on the next service.

07-21-10, 03:39 PM
sounds like you have some serious problems!

I'd take it to a SAAB dealer

07-22-10, 01:19 AM

Sounds expensive!

Seems to be the best way to drive to a mechanik and let them check.

Good Luck


07-22-10, 07:36 AM
You may not be able to take it to a SAAB engineers. If it has to go on the Tech 2 diagnostic machine some codes etc are specific to Cadillac and wont be read properly under SAAB tech 2 equipment. I would reset everything first before thinking of going to a garage, try disconnecting the battery for 10 mins then connecting it back up. This should reset the system. Then drive for a while and see if the problems crop up again. These Cadillacs are extremely sensitive to sensor conditions. If the problems persist I would get it to the Cadillac Dealers and get tech 2 to diagnose the problem.

02-02-12, 05:32 AM
Hello bigcul1 and sorry for the ultra-delay on replying.

I tried what you did (almost 1.5 years ago...) and it worked just great! All errors that I had went away and I haven't had any error messages since then :) Thanks alot guys, wasn't such a big problem after all. Also, I took the car to my mechanics at my new job, they hooked it up and didn't see any codes of error. I guess it was a hick-up.