: 1974 Compressor isues

07-20-10, 11:08 PM
Hi, guys im new to the forum- wuts up? I have a 74 coupe deville, i recently rebuilt the top half of the engine, and removed the compresor. i put it back and now the clutch doesn't click....when i removed it i hosed it down. im wondering if the water fried it? Im also not sure of the wires to hook back up even though there is only abotu 4 wires to hook up, one is a harness, 2 go to the compressor prongs, and one goes 2 what i believe is the ground...any assistancde would help beforei go buy a new compressor....

07-21-10, 07:55 AM
When you moved your compressor, you may have lost your charge, if one of the line connectors leaked. You may get a more knowlegable reponse over on the RWD postings.

07-22-10, 01:59 AM
Did you try to just connect a jumper wire from +battery to the compressor? That usually works for me. On my '72, there is thermal fuse (about $2.00) that blows when the charge is low. It is mounted on passenger side near firewall, I think its on the evaporator case. And here is a picture of it
To see if it is blown, disconnect the harness and short a jumper wire between terminals B and C on the harness. If the compressor kicks in, then the fuse is blown.