: W4M heat exchanger

07-20-10, 06:23 PM
Anyone get a better hose setup or a part number to use for the "s" section of hose when putting the heat exchanger in a centered position?

already have the napa # 11707 for the pump side...... will post tomorrow of the Gates equivalant part #


02-07-12, 10:15 AM
I have been looking for a possible solution and may have found it.

Digging in GM's past for this one. There is a pre-molded "S" hose on the Grand National T-Type. They are about $50 if you can find them, but there are new reproduction 3 layer silicon copies for $25-30.

The only issue I am seeing thus far is the ID. It is only 3/4". Is that going to be a bottleneck in the system?


Edit: oops, did not notice how old this topic was. I was searching google and this popped up. I guess this needs to be moved to performance. Sorry!