: Top stops in mid-cycle while being raised

07-20-10, 04:04 PM
The car is a 2008 XLR and was supposed to have had the updated top software installed last year.

Recently, after retracting without problem, when the top was raised, there was a continuous loud grinding or whine from the driver's side of the trunk while the switch was pressed, but the top secured properly.

Later, the top was lowered to check operation, and the same sound occurred, but it was stored correctly.

When an attempt was made to raise it, however, the mechanism locked with the trunk up, but before the top began to raise. The direction was reversed, and it stored correctly. On the final attempt to raise it, it stopped at the same place, but when reversed, it did not fully retract. A 'top not secure message' appeared, and it has been the only message.

Currently, the center front tonneau cover is jammed against the roll bars and may be being held there by the quarter glass windows. While somewhat concealed, the windows appear to be higher than expected and their tops are tight against the underside of the center tonneau cover.

The trunk lid is closed, but whether it did so as part of the cycle or via the trunk button is unknown.

Any information, including any specific potential sensor involvement and whether all sensors have the same part number would be helpful.

08-01-10, 09:04 AM
Good luck you will need it. Had the same problem with a 2005 Car was in shop 16 times in first 2years. With 10,000 miles I dumped it and back to a DTS

08-01-10, 09:44 AM
When attempting to cycle the top closed please identify the position of each piece when operation stalls out.

Folding top: Up or stowed in trunk
Trunk lid: Fully open or fully closed
Rear tonneau cover (the one on the trunk): stowed (rearward) or forward
Front tonneau cover: Up or down

If you open the trunk lid manually (it won't open under power at this point if the front tonneau is up probably) does it stay open by itself?

This is fixable but I need some clarification.

08-04-10, 11:38 AM
Folding top: Stowed in trunk
Trunk lid: Fully open
Rear tonneau cover (the one on the trunk): stowed (rearward)
Front tonneau cover: Up against the roll bars

If you open the trunk lid manually (it won't open under power at this point if the front tonneau is up probably) does it stay open by itself? Yes.

Thanks for the reply. I answered your questions by editing the quote box. The car has now been to a dealer for service.

In my case, a hose failed (I don't know if it was a result of being kinked), and the fluid leaked out. I'm still waiting for parts and fluid. Until they are installed and the top is operated, it's not possible to determine whether the pump was damaged or other components were involved.

In researching the problem, I've learned of several instances recently that involve one specific hose failing. It runs in the area above the passenger side rear quarter glass, iirc. I don't know if this is a problem that you've seen, but it was also involved in my incident.

I appreciate the help. The more information I have, the better the service visit results will be.