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07-20-10, 02:18 PM
This weekend my husband was driving my 2010 SRX. We stopped at IHOP for breakfast and came out 1 hour later to find the car nice and cold (unusual in 90 degree weather). I thought he used the remote start feature but it turns out that he never turned the car off when we went inside. We didn't notice because the car is so quiet (compliments to Cadillac on this).

This got us thinking about what could have happened other than simply coming back to a cool car (ex. stolen, kid shifting it into gear by accident).

When we got home we did some experimenting. It turns out that if you leave the car running and take the keyless remote with you, the car keeps functioning as if you were still there with the remote. The car did not lock. Even more disconcerting, you could put the car into gear and drive the car. I could even turn the car off and turn it back on and drive it. I was able to do this until I came back with the remote, it detected the remote, and I turned the car off.

There was no annoying beep to indicate the car was still running and the door was open like many cars have. When I got back into the car without the remote, a message did appear in the driver information screen saying that a remote was not detected, but that's it.

Shouldn't there be some kind of safety control so that the car can't be put into gear without the presence of the remote or at least some kind of reminder that you are leaving the car and it is still running?

I looked in the configuration screens and didn't see anything.

Anyone else notice this and have concerns?



07-20-10, 04:50 PM
Since these keyless ignitions came out I always make it a habit of looking at the tach before I exit the car

07-20-10, 11:52 PM
Once leaving the vehicle with the remote while it is running, the dash usually beeps/chimes and displays a message to say "No Remote Detected" (display isn't real useful as you are outside of the vehicle, =/ ); and the chime is usually able to be heard outside of the vehicle within a short range.

Other then that, the vehicle shouldn't really be able to be restarted without the remote, even if it is only able to be done once. *In my opinion!*

07-21-10, 08:29 AM
I'd say "safety issue" is a little strong wording for this situation. You need to acclimate yourself to how they keyless access works. Its advantages (i.e. not having to hit the fob to lock/unlock, push-button start, etc.) requires you to act differently (i.e. turn off the vehicle when leaving, even though there is no ignition).

However, I do agree the vehicle needs to clearly warn you. I have seen the "remote not detected" message, which would help if you try to drive away without the key. For what you describe, you probably would need a loud audible warning that occurs almost immediately after the key is removed from the vehicle when running, and can be heard from outside. However I think this would be a "pain" to most owners who are in fact just stepping away from their car for a moment, and it would not go over well at all.

You also could have the vehicle automatically turn off and doors lock after the key is removed for a certain amount of time. But again, I think this would make the majority of folks who want the car running without locking passengers inside dissatisfied.