: 1966 padded dash removal

07-20-10, 12:07 AM
It seems the majority of the elec. work under the dash is not vert acessable. Can anyone tell me the steps required to remove a 1966 caddy conv. padded dash?

Also is the sentinel lighting lever at the face of the insrument suppose to continue to turn 360 degrees, or should it stop at the off and max settings? I have a manual but this is not described in the manual.

08-11-10, 10:55 PM
Remove piller chrome on both sides, then To remove dash pull the 5 or so screws from the front of dash-pad that run through the dash it self...
Once those are out lift the dash up a couple inchs in the front & pull straight back it will come out...

Note: be careful for electric wiring that is attached to the dash!


PS sent switch just max out all the way clockwise(longest time on) all the way to left to the click turns it off