: Programming is now ready for 2011 CTS V and coupe vehicles

07-19-10, 04:28 PM
I just finished up adding in my definition files in my software so we are good to go on programming them. Just so you guys know. :)

07-19-10, 05:21 PM
Good to know.
Any improvements from your earlier version that would benefit my 09 sedan?
I had my tune done in feb 2010.

07-19-10, 05:49 PM
Going thru the raw bin, there where 0 notable changes to the calibration from the previous years. Same timing, same everything except a few start up fuel tables with a single line change.

07-20-10, 12:43 AM
Hey Jes-

Got my handheld and DVD unlocker from you today--not bad for a Friday order!! Unfortunately, I'm traveling on business this week, but hope to be emailing you my download in the next week. Can't wait for her new personality! Appreciate the speedy turnaround.


07-20-10, 09:10 AM
Any changes to the calibration of TCM for 2011 ?