View Full Version : problem with non-cadillac car... :\

09-04-04, 10:18 AM
Hi guys... I'm trying to find out if anyone knows anything about the Eagle Premier... just enough to get my brother's car started and home. He had driven the car (it's an 89 with a v6 i think... possibly the same v6 that was in the delorean??) about 30 miles toward where we live, and then he said the car basically just stalled. Oil pressure had dropped down to L... he didnt know what that meant exactly, since he isnt into cars much at all. He had a friend help push the car into a parking spot in town, but we dont know whats wrong with it or how serious the repair might be. I looked at it and it has oil, plenty of it, and the car doesnt seem to have overheated...

I started it and it kinda was chugging or surging, and the oil pressure was at about 1/3... i tapped the gas lightly and when i did that it hesitated as if the engine wasnt running at all when i put my foot on the pedal. Then after taking my foor off the gas it surged a little more as the oil pressure gauge dropped down to L and the car stalled. This took about 10 seconds or so.

I dont know if there's some oil pressure sending unit on these cars that would go bad and make it think it doesnt have oil pressure, or if the oil pump has gone bad or what, so thanks to anyone that can help me out.. just to get the car home a couple miles if possible without having to pay for a tow since it only cost $200. If anyone knows of any chrysler/eagle forums that would be appreciated too.