View Full Version : what is a gmail account

09-04-04, 04:15 AM
someone fill me in

09-04-04, 10:41 AM
Its a new beta thing by google.. Its a free web based email setup and you get 1gb of space... You must be invited to have an account by another member...

09-04-04, 10:41 AM
BTW moved to the lounge...! :)

09-04-04, 03:22 PM
Cool, a friend of mine was talking about that Gmail thing. Thanks for the info. What do you mean wess "moved to the loung" you the moderator here now?

09-04-04, 06:35 PM
I am the moderator EVERYWHERE :sneaky: :devil:

Dead Sled
09-04-04, 09:58 PM
:nyanya: I like my Gmail

I might part with some invites if I get more

09-05-04, 12:54 AM
If anyone wants an account email me: billsif@gmail.com and ill invite you if you agree to invite one other person.

Gmail rules!