: carburetor for 68 deville (472)

07-18-10, 09:23 AM
I'm having some problems with the carb on my 68 deville and either need to rebuild it or get a new/rebuilt one. Does anyone have any sources for me to find a new/rebuilt one and/or an opinion whether I should rebuild or buy one?? Thanks!

07-18-10, 10:01 AM
You can rebuild yours, if you have a Service Manual or a good reference manual. It also helps if you are familiar with the practice. There are some things about this carb which aren't general carb problems, like possibly leaking passage wells.
Before you jump into a carb rebuild, ensure your problem isn't something else. Vacuum signals on these cars hold the key to proper running conditions. Check your dashpots and your centrifical advance on your distributor. All this is covered somewhere within these treads. Take a stroll through threads and you may find some answers/

07-18-10, 10:16 AM
JET performance Products at www.jetchip.com, carburetors.

ALLSTATE carburetor on Long Island at www.allcarbs.com

Both build Quadrajets for my marine Olds 455 engine business and I am very satisfied with the results.