: I need to know!

09-04-04, 02:48 AM
I know the 5.7 is not a Cadillac motor but can someone tell me why the 5.7 litre motors eat intake gaskets for lunch? I 've had 5 and 3 needed replacement around 85 and 100K. None had temp issues before hand. Maybe its just a built in profit for GM for people who don't purchase a new vehicle around payoff time. 5.0 Fords should be the benchmark. I have had 3 which I flogged for a total of over 200K miles with NO gasket issues! Bulletproof is the operative word! #2 How can GM say fluids can last 100K when a 10 cent paper gasket is the only protection against the lifeblood of a 3 thousand dollar componet. i.e. Rear diffs and everything else. I love Cadillac products but even with the new models nothing will change! Same motors=same BS. Take a look at Lexus Cadillac. Your newfound value retention is only temporary once everyone finds out your putting out the same crap in a fancy body. Enjoy it while it lasts! About the CTS-V: I love the idea but it is destined for complete failure. I am guessing by placing a 3 thousand dollar engine which probably costs less than a high feature v-6 and charging 10 grand for it will only hurt your rep. Bob Lutz-I hope your listening.